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Thursday, March 31, 2011

26 Weeks....(Almost!)

How far along? Tomorrow will mark week 26 for me:) yay!! Getting closer to meeting our precious Lyla!

Total weight gain/loss: Overall, I have gained about 10 pounds total. Right now, the weight is mostly in my stomach, which is great, but makes for horrible backaches:(

Maternity clothes? Maternity shirts! My friend Hannah gave me a bunch of her shirts, so I have been sporting those this week. So far, I can still fit into my regular pants with the help of the maternity belly band:)

Stretch marks? So far, I do not! 

Sleep: The past two nights have been restless! I have read that I am supposed to sleep on my left side, but I end up switching between the right and left sides!

What I miss: GOOD sleep and my family (Georgia family and Texas family!)

What I am looking forward to: My parents and sister visiting at the end of April and then getting to see my Graves family in May for Johnathon's graduation! I miss our families so very much!! 

Best moment this week: Buying paint for Lyla's room....I love that we are getting closer to finishing her nursery! 

Movement: Oh yeah! I think that I have figured out the difference between the hiccups and her actually moving! As I am typing this, Jeff has his hand on my side and she is kicking away! I love it when she will kick for her daddy! 

Belly Button in or out? a barely innie...but  I am sure that I will wake up one of these days I will wake up and it will be an outtie!

Wedding rings on or off?  ON!

Weekly Wisdom: Keep up with the extra fiber when you are pregnant!

Milestones: Finished the week! It's been a tough one! I also finished my last assignment for my online class! Praise the less thing to worry about!

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  1. congrats on week 26! and don't worry, pretty soon you'll be able to REALLY tell the difference between movements and hiccups :) word of advice, when i was pregnant with libbi i thought "woohoo, i'm not swelling at all!" and left my rings on.....
    then one day i woke up and boom! i was the marshmallow man. it literally came out of nowhere. and my rings were stuck. like permanently etched into my finger stuck. it was a major stressor for me because i was so afraid i would have to have them cut off. anyway, all that to say - don't wait too long to take them off if you think you're going to have to remove them for delivery. this time around, mine have been off since around week 25....just in case :)