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Friday, March 4, 2011

22 weeks

I saw this on my cousin's blog and LOVED it...a great way to remember your pregnancy!
Size of baby: As of our appointment last week she was 14oz. However, all of my pregnancy apps say that she is about 1 lb this week:) 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I will admit that I have gained 9 lbs during this pregnancy so far. (It feels like a lot more!!!!)

Maternity Clothes: I have been doing everything I can to avoid maternity clothes. But I discovered last week that is no longer an option. I can still fit into my pants/jeans with the help of the best invention ever-the belly band, and am still squeezing into a few shirts that were big on me to begin with. I did break down last week and had Jeff drive me to the Target (2 hours away) so I could buy some decent maternity shirts. (I just love Target and they actually have a decent maternity line) 

Gender: It's definitely a GIRL! We have had 3 doctors confirm this so I have every reason to believe that when she is born, we will not be surprised. To my disbelief, some people have told me that doctor's can actually get the gender wrong...but I think we are safe to go ahead and paint the nursery PINK:)

Movement: It has been the neatest thing to feel her move around. The movements have been getting stronger and I could literally sit for hours with my hands on my stomach just feeling her move around. I felt her from the outside for the first time this week. I love it!!!

Sleep: My sleep has been MUCH better lately. One reason is because my amazing hubby bought me a boppy wedge pillow for my back. It makes a world of difference. Work has been really stressful lately too, so when it is time to go to bed, I am completely worn out. 

What I miss: My regular clothes. I have resorted to wearing a lot of Jeff's t-shirt simply because I cannot fit into mine:( I am sure he doesn't mind sharing! 
Cravings: Honestly, this changes week to week. The entire pregnancy I have craved fruit. Dry fruit, natural fruit, canned fruit...fruit fruit fruit. I did have a wild craving for steak this week-which Jeff catered too by having some friends over and grilling out one night. :) 

Symptoms: Shortness of breath and VERY SWOLLEN feet this week:(

Best Moment This Week:  Feeling Lyla kick from the outside. Such an amazing feeling. It is unbelievable how much I love her already!!!!!


  1. Love this!!! And 9 lbs??? That is NOTHING! :)
    I craved fruit and steak when I was pregnant with Libbi. I've heard that fruit/citrus is a common craving in girl pregnancies. Although if you haven't taken your glucose test yet, I wouldn't recommend eating fruit before you take it ;)

  2. Also, I'm sure you k ow that first comment is from me....but I am reading/commenting from my phone and blogger wouldn't let me log in-ugh! Love you!!

  3. Jenny I'm so excited for you and Jeff! Trey and I are having a baby girl (Kate) this June, due date is June 3. I look forward to seeing all the Lord does in your life, family, and ministry, and getting to keep track of you on your blog!! How cool that you, me, and Lindsey all have the privelege to have sweet baby girls this year? It's the best!!

  4. Amy, thanks for the tips:) You know that whole blog was inspired by you.
    Kara, I am so happy for you. I had read on Lindsey's blog that yall were expecting:) So exciting!! and YAY for little girls! We are so excited and yes please keep in touch. I am going to start following you now too:)