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Monday, April 8, 2013

Lyla loves....

Lyla turned 21 months this weekend...and to celebrate, here are a few things that Lyla loves.

Lyla LOVES when people come to visit her. Especially her Gigi! (isn't this the best picture!?)

Lyla LOVES trying on shoes!

Lyla LOVES to give hugs...and they are THE. BEST. HUGS.

Lyla LOVES to try and walk Diggs...she's such a big girl

Lyla LOVES to talk on the phone

Lyla LOVES having her toes in the sand

 Lyla LOVES to color...and she's very good at it. Check out that masterpiece below.

 Lyla LOVES to slide..she also LOVES being outside. It is hard to get her to come inside these days

Lyla LOVES sweets...especially COOKIES and CUPCAKES

Lyla LOVES a good pajama day (who doesn't??)

Lyla LOVES acting like her daddy

Lyla LOVES her new friends that come to play everyday. 

Lyla LOVES mommy staying at home with her again...(ok, that's a Jenny LOVES too:))

Happy Spring!!!!