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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You always want what you don't have...

I remember my mom telling me a few months back..."You always want what you don't have."
She told me this during a time that I was really struggling with being a stay at home mom. I actually missed working if you can believe that. I missed contributing financially and feeling successful at something. Let's face it. Being a mom is the job that pays nothing and gets little respect. I was discouraged at the way "others" viewed my position as a stay at home mom. Why did everyone always think it was easy?!
Anyways, that was a few months ago. I longed to work. And so I started back substituting in the district schools. (That was also around the time that I took on a few more responsibilities at the church too) Even though I only work 2-3 days at the schools, (I wasn't ready to give up THAT much Lyla time) to say that we stay busy is an understatement. We have been going and going and going. I caught myself thinking today, even as I was washing dishes, how great it felt to be at home today. I cannot remember the last time I had a day off where me and Lyla just spent it together at the house. The Lord quickly reminded me where I was a few months ago-disliking being home everyday. And now, here I am thanking him for a day at home. He reminded me to be thankful. Right where I am. Whatever my situation. Be thankful to Him. We (ME!) are always so quick to wish for a different situation-one that we feel would make us happier. That's where I was. I wanted change, and then I got it and realized it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. So, today, I am thankful to be home. With my sweet girl. Washing dishes even. :)

What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll!

It has been quite a while since I have blogged (as usual) and we have been up to so much. I will definitely have to do a camera cleanse soon! But, I wanted to share what Lyla and I were up to today! I am finally starting back to work (subbing) tomorrow and am leaving for Honduras in 2 weeks, so I really wanted to go ahead and get my fall stuff out. Okay, maybe I am just making up excuses as to why I wanted to get it out, because the truth is I LOVE FALL! And I was just plain ready to get it all out. Good thing I had my little helper handy today! She was pretty fascinated with it all. 

She has carried this pumpkin around all morning. I decided to put it in her room-seemed fitting!

 Not sure what to think about this one..good thing it goes outside!

She LOVED the scarecrow...probably because he was just her size!

And maybe because she liked picking all the leaves off of him...sorry Mr. Scarecrow.

She found her trick or treat bag from last year! Crazy how much she has grown!


She may or may not have been scared of the light up pumpkin....

...And that's about the time my little helper quit on me and decided to take an apple juice break! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The many faces of Lyla

Everyone is always commenting on how funny Lyla's facial expressions are, so this morning I thought I would capture a few of them for you. I hope you enjoy!

The "I'm so excited, I'm so excited and I just can't hide it" face

 The "Diggs stare down" Face

The "I can barely keep my eyes open" Face

 Followed by the "So, please stop taking pictures" Face

The "Please please pick me up" Face

The "Oh, was I not supposed to be playing with this?" Face

The "I know you wanna see how many teeth I have" Face

The "Don't bother me right now. Mickey Mouse is on" Face (you get some nice poses with this face)

The "I want to have that thing so bad, and you won't let me have it" Face

And finally:
The "Yeah, I've got you right where I want you, Mommy" Face 

Monday, August 27, 2012

My "bachelor" date

So, Thursday afternoon, Jeff comes home and informs me that Friday he is taking me on a date that he has planned out and that it's going to be like we are on the bachelor.

(But without the putters and holes. We had discs and baskets)

Yes, that's right, we went to play frisbee golf. Well, first we started off at a local diner to have breakfast. I had never eaten there, but they had the absolute BEST biscuits and gravy! We could've called it a day right then and there- it was SO GOOD!

But that wasn't all Jeff had in store-yes, this is where the disc golf (or frisbee golf comes into play!) I had never played before and Jeff has only played a few times, so he planned a date for us to play a few rounds. There are two sites here on the lake where you can play. The first was a 9 hole-the second was an 18 hole course. I MUCH preferred the 18 hole course (less trees for my discs to bounce off of, because let's face it, I am NOT good) BUT as the day went on, I got better and my disc began going further and straighter. It was so much fun to play and we are definitely making plans to do it again. 

After 36 holes (well, I only played 34 because I refused to play the two holes near the swamp because I just knew I'd either A.) throw my disc in the lake (not on purpose) or B.) a HUGE crocodile would submerge from the water and eat me), we decided to grab lunch and head home to relax. 

i have to say, the date wasn't AT ALL what I expected, but I am so so so thankful for a husband who takes the time to still "date" his wife. Sometimes you DO get caught up in the every day to day routine and even the regular "dates", so it was nice to get out and try something new. The only thing missing from our date was the rose, of course. And had there been one, I would have accepted it. :) (over and over and over again:)) 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Not very often can a day can be summed up by a number-but my day can!

I started out walking THREE miles! THREE days in a row that I have walked!

I had a chiropractor appt in Meridian, so I decided to run all my errands:

Diggs got a hair cut-which took THREE hours!

I bought THREE new bible studies for girls bible study (starting the Monday after labor day-girls, mark your calendars!)

I had THREE sweet teas today (shame) to curve some of the stress of running errands with a 13 month old and just because I wanted to:)

I got my finger prints done for the THIRD time so I can start subbing!

THREE small groups started tonight at church-our kids rock!!

That was my day, how was yours?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinterest Baby Toy

Our pastor and his wife have a grand daughter that is only 2 weeks younger than Lyla. It has been fun having the girls together and whenever Ms. Linda (our pastor's wife) does something for Addi (her grandbaby), she usually thinks of Lyla and will do the same things for her. Several months ago, she made Lyla and Addi a toy that has seriously saved the day on MANY occasions. She found it on pinterest, so I wanted to share:

I promise is will bring HOURS ....

...AND HOURS....


All it takes is an empty wipe box and pieces of fun, colorful fabric. You tie the fabric together and stuff in the wipe box for them to take out. Most days, Lyla will choose this over any bought toy and more than likely you have all the supplies just lying around your house.

So, give it a try. I am sure even little boys will love this fun, DIY project!!! 

Thanks Mama Linda for this fun gift!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

One small step for baby, One GIANT leap for mama

I have been sick for the past week. I knew for certain it was sinus infection. Unfortunately, the over the counter meds were not cutting it and last night I cried myself to sleep because I felt so unbelievably miserable.  I needed to go to the doctor.

I guess I must back up a bit. A few weeks ago, Jeff and I decided that I would return to work part time by going back to my substitute position with the school district here. So, after MUCH prayer, a friend of ours (Mrs. Jenni-points already for having a killer name:)) agreed to let Lyla be a drop in whenever we feel like bringing her-no set schedule. People, this is UNHEARD of and she is UNBELIEVABLE! She does so much with the kids she keeps (including Lyla, there are 4) We went and visited last week and felt so so so good about it. I have not officially started back to work yet, but seeing as I was so under the weather and really wanted her to be with Mrs. Jenni before I started work (mainly so I wouldn't have the melt down on the job), we decided to bring her by there today for her first official day!

Since Jeff will be the one getting her ready on the mornings I work, I tried to stay out of the way and just let him do it. It will take some adjusting on all of our parts, but they got out the door without any major meltdowns (from either party!)

I must say, I did pretty well myself. My appointment was early this morning and indeed, I did have a severe sinus infection that was leaking drainage and acid into my stomach causing the nauseousness. One steroid shot and one z-pack later, I was back on my feet-well, not really. Since I was baby-less today, I took a fabulous nap and really rested. We have a weekend retreat with the students tomorrow, so I need to be in pretty good shape to sleep in a bunk bed and stay up late. You know how those events rest for the weary! So, I took full advantage of my day off!

I went to get my sweet girl around 3:30 and could not have been more anxious/excited to see her and hear how her day went. Mrs. Jenni said she did great and the other babies loved her. They all played very well together and Lyla got a small nap in-we forgot tootles (her bear) and Mrs. Jenni did not know about the paci in her bag. We are learning-I told Jeff we will be more on top of things next time. Lyla also had her first pb & J. Once I had my sweet Lyla with me, I took her for ice cream and we headed home. She crashed around 7:30 tonight and would have a lot sooner, but we tried to keep her up.

I am so proud of her for being such an easy going baby. She really just goes with the flow and didn't cry and fuss. (that I know of-thanks Mrs. Jenni for making me feel like I have the best baby in the entire world) She did so good today. We all did good today!:)

First day of day care 8-9-12

Saw this tonight on an episode of the wonder years where the mom is saying this to the daughter. Thought it was MORE than fitting for today!
"Hunny, if you have to leave, we are not going to stop you. But wherever you are, we will never let you go!" 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to school

Today our youth kids went back to school-well, some of them actually started back last Friday. It's bittersweet for me, because we get to see so much of them during the summer and now they will have many other things to consume their time. We love our students so much, so in honor of them, today I will post some summertime pictures! (they were up to a lot more than this, but these are some of the pictures I took)

Church picnic

 VBS and Baptism

Mission Arlington

 4th of July Fireworks

 Medieval Times

Messy Games 2012

I hope all of you have a great first day back (or second or third day for those who are in different school districts!) We had a blast with you this summer:)