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Sunday, April 27, 2014

3 months (a little late)

My little Layton bug (as we call him) turned 3 months on the 13th. With all the moving back and forth, I am a tad late on that post, but never fear...I have all the updates you need and more:)

Layton has had quite a month. I think the good Lord just knew I needed a calm, easy-going baby during all of this, because that's exactly what He gave me. Layton is THE BEST! We started out this month at our home in Quitman, then made a trip to Georgia, and now we are in Texas. Through it all, Layton has been nothing short of AMAZING! He is sleeping through the night, eating great (of course!), and smiling every chance he gets. (Both pictures below were his last two sundays in Quitman)

Layton had a nursery at our home in Quitman. This month, he actually got to sleep in his own room. I took some pictures of what his nursery looked like before we started packing it all up...just so he will know, one day, what his first room looked like:)

I also found this picture of him in his swing in our living room. I'm so glad I took these pictures of our old house (which was also our first house)

Layton is a wonderful wonderful baby. He is such a happy baby-everyone always comments about how "smiley" he is. I am IN LOVE with that smile of his. He started giggling this month  (usually when he's being changed...he's all boy!) A few times, though, we have gotten a good laugh out of him. Hearing a baby laugh is one of the sweetest sounds there is. 

He is a great eater. But he is a very serious eater. Don't mess with baby boy's food. That is about the only time he is unhappy-when the bottle is empty or if he is gassy. (again...all boy! ha!)
He wears 9-12 month clothes, although some 6 month outfits will fit him. He is in size 2 diapers. 

Things he loves: eating, being changed (crazy right? but some of our best moments are when he's on the changing table), playing with mommy, daddy or big sister, sleeping (yes, he is sleeping through the night...i won't brag too much, but HALLELUJAH!), swinging in his swing

Things he does not like: baths, being burped, super long car rides, tummy time
(this picture cracks me up...he just kinda lays there like a slug)  He HAS learned to roll over from front to back this month and has rolled over from back to front a time or two as well.  GO LAYTON!!!

This month, Layton had his first Easter complete with his first Easter egg hunt and visit from the Easter bunny. He got a cookie monster towel, a book, two new pacis, two new outfits, and some rice cereal. Sorry buddy, no chocolate for you yet. 

(the best we could get of all the cousin's babies)

Layton, you are too fun! We are having a blast with you and love seeing your personality unfold. You look a lot like your daddy, but I think you are a little bit of a mama's boy:) That's JUST FINE WITH ME:)

(^^ Please ignore the mismatched socks. We are still living out of a suitcase, so somedays, our outfits just look like that. haha! ^^)

Layton You are such a blessing to our whole family. We love you sweet boy. Happy 3 months.

And of course the sibling comparison picture: (Lyla and Layton at 3 months)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Changes...really BIG changes

If you follow me on facebook, or know us on a more personal level, you know that our little family has been going through some mighty big changes lately. Sometimes it's been fun and exciting and other times it's been sad and just downright uncomfortable.

So I don't leave anyone guessing, here's the basics about what God has been doing in our life these past two months:

Leaving Quitman: 
After praying and praying and questioning and doing some more praying, we felt God was leading us out of Quitman and into a little place called Texas. (obviously I'm joking about the "little" part) We basically had a time span of two weeks before we packed up our house and started this new adventure. Leaving Quitman has been one of the hardest things I've done so far in my life. Saying good-bye to people you love and care about on such a deep level is never easy. I hope our church family and friends will truly know how painful that was for us. But what a blessing and an encouragement they were and still are to us during all of this.  There wasn't one person from our sweet, faithful church that wasn't on board with what God had called us to do...even if it meant loosing us. I'll be honest- I still cry many tears for our church family there, but God is surely filling that place in my heart.

These are just a FEW of the pictures we took before we left:
(They had a beautiful reception for us which included everyone wearing flip flops in Jeff's honor-we loved that!)

The past two weeks: 
Like I said we had two weeks to make some major MAJOR life changes. One of those said changes included looking for a place to live. Let me remind you and myself for the days ahead when I look back on this entry, that we were still in Mississippi trying to find a place to live without actually ever seeing any of these places in person. HA! We began searching online and had several God-sent people from our new church who literally went to these houses and took pictures of each of the rooms. So kind and something I will never forget. I have also had to remind myself that WE JUST HAD A BABY. That in itself is stressful enough, so for people to really step in and help take that load off of trying to purchase a house without actually even being in the same state made things a whole lot easier on this mama :)

So, we were able to purchase a house and basically without boring you with details we can't close until May. That left us homeless (or as I liked to call it "On an adventure") until then. Jeff and I talked through every possible scenario based off of our financial status and the availability of housing in our new town and came up with this plan: FYI:Many people offered to host us for a month, but that is a tall order and one I just couldn't put on anyone. But, we felt like Jeff could do that easily. So, while he stayed with a precious precious family for two weeks, I took the kids to my parents. I knew it would be good for us to spend time with them, but it ended up being even more of a blessing in disguise after I ended up getting sick with a stomach ulcer. (hello stress!) I did NOTHING for 2 weeks other than take care of my kids. And I needed that break, that time to unwind and just get still. Funny how the Lord gets our attention sometimes.  It was so great to spend time with family, but boy did we miss Jeff. Military wives, oilfield wives, any wives that are apart from their hubbies, I salute you. It's no joke not being together as a whole family.

 (the Big Easter Egg hunt at MawMaw's house-this is the first year we were able to attend)

Easter Weekend:
So part of our plan was for us to make the drive out here starting on Good Friday. It's about 14 hours in the car, but with two kids that makes it about a 100 hour trip-one that needs to be spread out over 2 days. I asked my sister to join me and help me and she was more than happy to. She is SO good with both kids and we had the best time laughing and reminscing about our childhood. I was so thankful for her help. And again the Lord answered our prayers and it was a very uneventful trip. However, once we got here, the craziness began. We are currently staying in a hotel for 2 weeks until our house is ready-yikes! But again, I am trying to choose joy. It's the best option for our family since I am still currently staying at home and we have 2 young children and a dog- A little much to ask a host family to take on. But, we are and together. That matters and makes a difference. 

My sister left yesterday-man, was that hard to see her go. But I have found that Jesus is constantly filling my cup and reminding me of His presence. One example happened yesterday as I was waiting to make sure my sis got through security safely. 

The divine appointment: 
My sister has only flown a hand full of times, so being her Big sis, I wanted to stay and make sure she got through okay. As I was waiting, I noticed a lady standing beside me waving good bye to her two kids and husband as they were going through the check points. Being a mom myself, I thought it odd that they were going somewhere without her so I started asking her about their journey. As we talked, I learned that she had just moved here from Florida, where they had lived their entire life. The kids and husband she was waving to were headed back to Florida so that they could finish up their schooling. They would all be reunited this summer. She is currently living in a hotel and in that moment her heart was breaking. We talked about how they had to leave behind grandparents and how this was one of the hardest things we'd ever done. I stood there as she cried and I knew God gave her to me in that moment to remind me of His presence. He sees us both. He knows our hearts. He hears our cries. He is with us. I asked her what her name was (I wanted to get her number, address, etc. but didn't want to come off as a creeper-even though I totally gave her a hug...whether she wanted it or not-I NEEDED it! haha) Her name is Leilani (Lay-Lon-E) and I am pretty sure I will remember her for the rest of my life. 

So, that's where we are at in this new journey. All of this is probably way more than you ever wanted to know, but so many people have asked and of course I love to write things down. 
If you are reading this, we Thank you so much to you all for praying for us and encouraging us!!! Keep it coming:)