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Friday, June 27, 2014

a family update (5 months!!)

We have been doing a lot of celebrating around here lately. Layton just turned 5 months and we are getting pumped and ready to celebrate Lyla's 3rd birthday!

I feel like we are finally getting settled into our new home in Texas. And we have been just as busy as always. We have really been trying to put ourselves out there and experience summertime in Texas. This month, we took the kids to a local festival. They had a petting zoo, arts and crafts (mama's favorite) and a wild west show. Lyla wasn't a fan of all the guns going off (truth be told, I wasn't either) but all in all it was a good day. 

We have also "invested" in one of those blow up pools that looks totally redneck, but is a major life savor in this Texas heat. Layton hasn't really warmed up to the idea of the whole pool thing yet, but I know it's just a matter of time before he's doing swan dives like his big sister.

We just came out of Survivor week, which is basically a VBS type event for junior high students. It was a crazy week, but a total blast. Layton ended up getting sick half way through, but Lyla and Tootles finished the week strong for everyone. 

^had to act like the paparazzi to get this shot^

^Love getting to soak the youth pastor^

^The winning team^

Now, onto the updates of that handsome little 5 month old boy:) As I said earlier he had been sick this month. Poor guy. But thankfully it only lasted a few days. Layton is up to right at 16 lbs. (still hanging on to the nick name daddy gave him "Big Chunk") And he is still the greatest! 

He gets so tickled about things. Especially his sister. He thinks she is so funny. She could be running around the house or just playing next to him and he is literally in stitches laughing so hard. I love that they are starting to play together. Lyla always says he's her friend. I hope they will always stay best friends.  

^and did I mention he's tough...poor guy^

 Layton is super strong and he plays hard. We have continued to put him in the bouncey and he loves working those little legs. He can grab things with both hands, which comes in handy when I am changing his diaper and I need to keep his hands occupied.  Yes, those little hands go straight for his "goods" haha. Such a boy already.

He is rolling over both ways and pretty much positions to belly side down every time he's on the floor. I hope this doesn't mean he's getting ready to crawl anytime soon, because mama is NOT ready for that. But, he is pushing up on his arms and his legs...just not moving anywhere yet. (Whew!)

He has started grabbing at my face and will plant one of those awesome slobbery kisses on my cheek. I don't mind one bit. 
Layton is also still very serious about his food. We planned to start him on solids this month, but with him being sick and then me being just hasn't happened yet. But I know he's gonna have a fit at the yummy goodness. He's such a good eater already-taking 8 ounces each bottle.

Layton is in 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. He loves his blanket and his thumb. (yes, we are also teething this month) Every morning, he greets me with the biggest smile he can give. I am so in love with this boy. 

 So, HAPPY 5 MONTHS LAYTON!  Some days, I can't believe it's been 5 months, but other days it feels like you have been in our family forever. I love you son.

(crazy how just one month changes so much!)