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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sour Milk

I'd like to think that every mom has that one defining moment when she realizes that she is no longer concerned with herself, but rather more concerned with her little one. I think my moment happened last night!

On Monday nights, I lead a girls bible study for jr high and high school girls. Jeff and I have worked out a system where he will take Lyla to church while we are bible studying and then I go and get her while he has his "man time" at church with the guys watching the game. So after bible study, my friend Meagan and I went to get her and decided to grab a bite at the mexican restaurant in town since both of our men were at the church and we were hungry! We had just ordered when "It" happened.

I look over at sweet Lyla sitting happily in her car seat and all of a sudden, she starts spitting up. Not just your typical spit up, but projecting what seemed like everything she had eaten yesterday. I immediately grabbed her out of the seat (she was choking at this point) to try and wipe up what she was spitting out. I wasn't very successful since she was spitting up so much-I was actually trying to cup it in my hands. By the time we got to the bathroom, her outfit was SOAKED, I was SOAKED,  and her car seat was literally flooded. (are you getting the picture?) There was no changing table in the restaurant, so I made my own dragging two chairs in there (baby and diaper bag still in hand) and putting a blanket down for her. Poor girl was so sticky and I was a mess. I somehow managed to get her clean by wiping her down and completely forgot about cleaning myself up. I returned to the table with soaking wet, sour milk smelling shirt and pants. Thankfully my dinner date didn't mind. I honestly don't know what I would have done had that happen alone-it was definitely a two person job. We quickly finished our meals (I think I spoiled both our appetites) and went home only to have sweet baby girl do it AGAIN! This time while I was holding her on the couch. Again, poor Lyla was covered, I was covered, the couch was covered:( Once we (again, Meagan to the rescue) got her changed, she started up again and we just decided to keep her naked for the night. At this point, I have sour milk smell ALL over me, milk ALL down my shirt and ALL over my pants. And guess what? I didnt care. I was so much more concerned about her and if she was okay than about how nasty I was (and believe me, I was nasty) I ended up holding my little naked baby until around midnight when we finally decided she wouldn't do it again, turned the monitor on HIGH, and still went to check on her about every 2 hours when I would wake up paranoid.

I am definitely a mom. I love my child more than myself. I would do absolutely anything for her as long as it didn't compromise my faith. I have had my moment.

ps. I am happy to report that she is feeling MUCH better today!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


My sweet Lyla Rae is 3 months old today! People don't kid when they say time flies. I could never have dreamed how much I would love you. Being able to stay home with you everyday has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I love hanging out with you everyday and seeing the new things you do. You are so amazed at the world and I am just as amazed at YOU!

You still think EVERYTHING is funny! I LOVE seeing that sweet smile of yours

You have found your feet this month! You have already mastered a pretty awesome toe touch:) 

We have new sleeping quarters for you. After battling a week of no sleep, we finally figured out, you did not want to sleep in your swing anymore. So, we have started letting you sleep in your pack and play newborn napper. You love it. The past few nights, you have slept over 8 hours! Go Lyla Go!

We have started taking you more places and you usually do pretty well out in public. I hope this continues into your toddler years!

You are sitting up like a big girl. You have always held your head up fairly well, but it is so sweet to see you actually sitting up:) you are not really interested in the toys we surround you with, but that'll come in time. 

(sorry for the poor picture quality. Most of these pictures are taken on my phone because it is always with me)

Bath times have become a MUCH happier occasion. We have discovered Mr. Fish who keeps you warm during bath time. Since he has come into our lives, there have been no tears at bath time:)

You are wearing a size 1 diaper and still fitting into your 0-3 month clothes and can even still fit into some of your newborn clothes. You still eat about every 3 hours unless you are REALLY hungry and then it's every 2. You have the most darling personality and everyone loves you so much! It is a joy to be your mommy! Happy 3 months sweet girl!