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Thursday, October 6, 2011


My sweet Lyla Rae is 3 months old today! People don't kid when they say time flies. I could never have dreamed how much I would love you. Being able to stay home with you everyday has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I love hanging out with you everyday and seeing the new things you do. You are so amazed at the world and I am just as amazed at YOU!

You still think EVERYTHING is funny! I LOVE seeing that sweet smile of yours

You have found your feet this month! You have already mastered a pretty awesome toe touch:) 

We have new sleeping quarters for you. After battling a week of no sleep, we finally figured out, you did not want to sleep in your swing anymore. So, we have started letting you sleep in your pack and play newborn napper. You love it. The past few nights, you have slept over 8 hours! Go Lyla Go!

We have started taking you more places and you usually do pretty well out in public. I hope this continues into your toddler years!

You are sitting up like a big girl. You have always held your head up fairly well, but it is so sweet to see you actually sitting up:) you are not really interested in the toys we surround you with, but that'll come in time. 

(sorry for the poor picture quality. Most of these pictures are taken on my phone because it is always with me)

Bath times have become a MUCH happier occasion. We have discovered Mr. Fish who keeps you warm during bath time. Since he has come into our lives, there have been no tears at bath time:)

You are wearing a size 1 diaper and still fitting into your 0-3 month clothes and can even still fit into some of your newborn clothes. You still eat about every 3 hours unless you are REALLY hungry and then it's every 2. You have the most darling personality and everyone loves you so much! It is a joy to be your mommy! Happy 3 months sweet girl! 

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  1. jen jen....she is SO cute!! i am loving these new pictures of her. you can really see her personality start to come through :) it just gets better and better. i think one of my personal favorite ages is the 4-8 month slot. they are just so much fun and so smiley!!! love you and miss you all!!! xoxo