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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Swap

I have been looking forward to today for months! Like, "can't sleep the night before because you are so excited" excited! While I was pregnant, I discovered this consignment shop that sold only kids items and would only appear seasonly. Of course, I bought a few things then, but I didn't know what sizes Lyla would wear or what we would receive at showers. Well, once I heard they were coming back to town for the fall, I was the first to register for the presale, exclusive to new mommys only! I somehow talked Jeff into getting up at 7am to take Lyla and me and boy was it worth it:) I seriously bought her a whole fall/winter wardrobe complete with 2 jackets, long sleeve night gowns, sweaters, tights, and much much more! Here, see for yourself: (these are some of my favorites!)

I was so proud of Jeff. Not many men would go to a "Sweet Pea Swap" and wait patiently while their wife literally looked at EVERY. SINGLE. outfit on the rack! All in all we were there for about 2 hours. Lyla, of course, loved every minute of it:) She is my child after all, and she loves to shop:)
Afterwards, we went to cracker barrel where she wasn't quite as happy. She always seems to loose it when we sit down to eat. I guess she wanted a taste of my delicious apple crumble french toast. Either way, that trip was short lived and we finally headed home to take an afternoon nap. Unfortunately, she was the only one that slept. Ha.  

 Speaking of sleeping, there have been quite a few changes in that department at our house. First of all, for about a week, Lyla would wake up every two hours on the hour. This was so unusual for her as she usually only gets up once MAYBE twice a night. We tried EVERYTHING to fix this problem and finally came to the conclusion that maybe she was outgrowing her swing (which is where she normally sleeps at night). So, we have started swaddling her and letting her sleep on her back in her pack and play (which she USED to hate!) So far, so good!
(HA! This cracks me up!)- we have to use this kind of swaddle blanket that velcros because she will kick out of a blanket. 

Back in our bedroom, some changes were trying to be made with Diggs seeing as how he has either thrown up or peed in our bed once a week for the past month. I am tired of spending money to send our comforter to the dry cleaners and trying to hand wash our mattress. So, I told Jeff yesterday he was DONE! He needed to sleep on the floor. Well, Ill let you see how that one turned out....

Yes, that is my husband laughing because he knows he caved! Granted Diggs was crying and circled the bed about 20 times last night practically pleading for us to include him. Oh well, tonight, it's tough love! (yeah right!)-apparently we don't know the meaning of that phrase seeing as how Lyla got a whole new wardrobe today and Diggs is still in our bed. LOL!

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  1. So glad that Baby Girl has the cutest clothes for the fall!! I need to see ya'll soon!!!