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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 months

Today my sweet Lyla Rae is 2 months old! It is so fun to see her growing and changing everyday! At 2 months, I feel like we are FINALLY on somewhat of a schedule! You will usually sleep until 5 or 6, with the exception of just a few bad nights in between. You still like to sleep in your swing but it has to be swinging. So, part of my everyday routine is charging up the batteries so you can swing all night!:) You have gotten better about napping in your pack and play, which really makes me miss our cuddly naps together in the afternoon, but I know this will make the transition to your crib easier.

You love to be outside and we have started taking you for strolls now that it is cooler...Diggs likes to come along too:)

You are smiling so much now and I just love it. Your daddy and I are always doing silly things to make you laugh!  You get so tickled about things!

We are finally able to take you to church and everyone just eats you up! So far, we take you to the nursery on Sunday mornings, and you come out to the youth room to hear your daddy preach on wednesday nights. You love hearing the band play!
(first Sunday at church!)

You have recently found your fingers, but not your toes yet, which is probably good because you have already had your first pedicure thanks to Mama Linda:)

Speaking of firsts, at 2 months old, you have already made your first road trip to GA. You got to meet your cousins and aunts and uncles and....

MawMaw and Grandad! 

You also made your very first trip to Starbucks! Sorry, but you didn't get to TRY your very first starbucks...maybe next time I will dip your paci in my cold coffee so you can see what you've been missing:)

You are now fitting into your 0-3 month clothes which is so much fun for me because I LOVE dressing you up! You still don't like to be changed, but I think once you realize how fabulous your clothes are, that will change!

You are still not a fan of bath time or tummy time, but both are a must!
You are super strong and can move across your tummy time mat with ease!

We are just crazy about you little girl!!! Cant wait to see how much more you have accomplished next month:) Happy 2 months Lyla Rae!


  1. love the monthly pictures. soo cute!

  2. Great post! Speaking of tummy time, Clara's not a huge fan either. She likes it more when we prop her up on something, like the boppy. I've actually gotten some smile like that.