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Monday, February 25, 2013

A new adventure

This past Friday marked the end of the long term sub position I had taken back in December. It came with many challenges, but it also felt so great to know that I could balance being a mom and a full time teacher again. It was a great 10 weeks, but I must say that I am excited to announce that I have agreed to keep two friends' babies until the end of this school year. This will allow me the chance to stay home again with Lyla (which I missed terribly!) and still make a little money. Today was my first day and we made it!!!! It is definitely A LOT different than having just one baby, but we had a great day! The kids are still adjusting to being around each other and Lyla is having to adjust to her mommy hugging and loving on other babies. Please pray for me as I continue this new journey. Here are some pictures from our first day together. (hope their mommy's won't mind!):)

All 3 sweeties

E-Man (Easton)



Here are also a few pictures from Valentine's day. We got Lyla a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal and a new back pack (ahh, she has graduated from her diaper bag) She LOVED all her new things!!!!

Jeff planned a very special night for us-booked private dance lessons! We had THE. BEST. TIME. laughing and just enjoying each other and of course learning how to dance together without doing the high school prom style of dancing (you know, the basic side to side..haha!) I am one lucky lady, I know:) 


Happy Monday everyone!!!!!