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Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 Years of Ministry (Part 1)

Ever wonder what Jeff and I have been doing in Quitman for the last 5 years? Here's a small taste and a wonderful trip down memory lane:)


Thursday, March 20, 2014

2 months

I can't possibly have a two month old...but yet, I do! I say this everytime and truly mean it: TIME IS FLYING! Layton has had quite a busy month!

Here's some things I want to remember about my sweet boy at 2 months old.

He is the smiliest baby! I absolutely adore the moments when he just looks at me and gives me the biggest grin! I'll be honest, sometimes it is just gas, but a lot of the time, he is genuinely smiling! And I just eat. it. up!

Layton is such a people person. A lot of the time when he fusses, it's because he wants someone's attention. I kid you not, he will stop mid cry if you just get in the floor with him or hold him. He is such a cuddle bug!

At his last doctor's appointment you weighed 12 lbs and 2 ounces. Layton, you are in the 75th percentile for your weight and 30th for your height. You are a growing boy!!! Sometimes you wear 3 month clothes, and sometimes you fit 6-9 month clothes depending on the outfit. You are also still in size 1 diapers-on your way to size 2! You usually eat between 5-6 ounces every 3-4 hours. Daddy has nick named you "big chunk":)

You are a great sleeper. You have started waking up only once during the night and sometimes you surprise me and sleep through the night:) Go Layton!!! At night, we still put you in "the suit" as we call it-it's really just a swaddle blanket. You sleep so good that way...why ruin a good thing!?

You are so amazed at things. You love looking at your mobile or anything hanging above your head. You are so very curious. You have also got your head under control trying to hold it up. Everyone is so amazed at how strong you are. Speaking of strong, it's not just your head that has those good muscles- you have some pretty strong arms and legs too. You have started grabbing things and I swear you have pulled a good bit of my hair out. I guess I really don't mind;) You always grab ahold of the burp cloth on my shoulder when I am done burping you. You also have taken a liking to my necklace and usually have a pretty good grip on that as well. 

You made your first big car trip this month and did GREAT! Lyla was always a great companion in the car and always did well during long trips, so we weren't sure what to expect with brother. But, he was great-only cried when he was hungry and then towards the end because he just wanted someone to hold him! Bless him-he is such a people person!

Jeff took his vacation this month, so on top of seeing some family and friends, we wanted to spend some time just the 4 of us doing some things we don't normally get to do. I will post more pictures of this in another blog so Lyla can have her moment too:) But, for now, here's a small recap.
We took them both to The American Girl Doll store (sorry buddy-you will have your time to do more manly things later). We ate in the bistro and had fun just visiting the store and participating in story hour. 

The next day, we took them to The Georgia Aquarium. Layton slept the entire time except during the Dolphin Tales show. They both loved that. We even got to have our picture taken with the dolphin trainers. Sorry we can't see your face bud. You were cuddled up tight to me.

The day after that we took Lyla and Layton to this place called Everland Play-the place created by a genius! Such a neat/inexpensive place for kids to play! The cool part was that parents can get on everything there as well. I don't know who had more fun sliding..the kids or me and Jeff. And of course, we didn't want Layton to miss out on any of the fun so Daddy took him down one time. He LOVED it!

 This was a sweet trip for me because Layton got to meet a bunch of his family on my side and Lyla got to see some faces she hadn't seen in a very long time!
Layton got to meet his Mawmaw for the first time. He just couldn't stop smiling at her. Made my heart happy. 

(Right: Mawmaw with Layton   Left: Mawmaw with Lyla)

 ^(he really looks like Jeff in this picture to me)^

Your big sister just loves you so much. She is always wanting to hold you or touch your hands or your face. You have started noticing her more now! She has a fit when you smile at her. You would think she won a million dollars:) You two make me so happy!!!!

Layton Bug,  (another nick name we have for you) we love you so much! Happy 2 months baby!!!

 While we are at it, here's Lyla at 2 months. Because, well, who doesn't love a good comparison??