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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

7 Months

I am a little behind on this post due to Lyla having RSV last week..but, better late than never:)

Last week, Lyla made her 7 month mark. I can hardly believe that it has really been 7 months since she popped into our lives. It feels like she has been here forever, yet other days it seems like just yesterday. So, here are some 7 month updates for our sweet baby girl.

Lyla is rolling over like crazy. She can scoot around to get what she wants and is actually enjoying being on her tummy.

Since she can turn over, most of the time we find her in her crib like this:

She still loves to put things in her mouth-so we have to watch VERY carefully.

People are always getting on to me because she doesn't have socks on...well, you can see for yourself why this is...(I promise, we always start with socks ON!)

She is now up to 3 meals a day and down to 5 bottles a day. So far, she has tried sweet potatos (that's her favorite), avocado, peas, peaches, apples, and cereal. She is a VERY good eater and will "clean her plate" everytime. 

Another big change this month has come due to my back issues. The doctor advised me not to carry her in her carrier anymore, so we have started putting her in her "big girl" car seat and putting her in the grocery cart seat and high chairs at restaurants. She is still a little small for the grocery cart seat, but I have learned to pack her in there good and tight so she won't fall over:) This small change has helped my back TREMENDOUSLY!!!

She loves to hold things...including my hair, jewelry, cup in my hand, phone, remote control...haha. I usually have to fight to get it back. She is a very curious little girl. 

She is such a happy baby-rarely cries unless she is exhausted or hungry! I just love to hear your sweet little laugh. For some reason, you think my hair is so silly and you are super ticklish under your neck. 

 This month, she had her first real cold (RSV) and first ear infection. We all made it out okay, but it was very scary and very sad to see her not feeling like herself. Thank goodness, she is MUCH better now.

Lyla weighs 15 lbs now and is getting bigger everyday:) She is in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes.

Sweet girl, happy 7 months. We love you more than you can possibly imagine!!