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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The last blog

I am 39 weeks with baby Layton. We went to the doctor Monday and I am dilated 2cm and a little over 70% effaced. With our situation (being away from family), we thought it best to go ahead and plan it IF (and that's a big if) he's okay to come on out. Our doctor reassured us that he is fine and we planned to check into the hospital on Monday Jan 13, 12014 morning at 5. (whew, that's early) We were induced with Lyla and the Lord was so faithful to answer our prayers with that whole process, so we have  no doubt that He will again prove himself able in this delivery.

This will probably be the very last post on my pregnancy before Layton gets here. So, I wanted to just kinda reflect on this whole experience if you will allow me to do so.

This pregnancy has been different on so many levels. It is NO joke being pregnant and also having to chase around a toddler around. Not to mention, during this time we have also managed (only by God's grace) to get rid of big sister's passy, move her to a big girl bed, and potty train her. Quite a feat for a pregnant mama if I do say so myself. I know Lyla will probably resort back to some of the "baby" tendencies, but for now I am so proud of what she has accomplished....what WE have accomplished.

Layton has been a tough cookie to carry. I am not sure if it is because of the whole second pregnancy thing or just the way my body has responded. I definitely got bigger this go around a lot faster. (that's normal...or so everyone says...they may just be trying to make me feel better) Since I am short, there isn't a whole lot of room for him to go other than my mid section. That said, my back, my pelvic bone, my all hurts..BAD. I have often thought of those mommies who carry 3, 4, 5, or more children. Pregnancy is not for the faint of heart that's for sure-but on the flip side of this whole thing, the Lord has given me an even greater respect for my husband. Pregnancy doesn't just effect the woman. Jeff has been AH-MAZING! I hope Layton grows up to be JUST. LIKE. HIM. There have been times when I have asked so much of Jeff and he has had to balance his job, a toddler, and a complaining, emotional wife. I cannot think of one time when he denied any of my requests or needs. (He might have rolled his eyes a time or two and then there was that one time when he poured me a little too much Robitussin-I am sure THAT was an accident...right?! ...I never said he wasn't human-haha) But, he's been there for me and for Lyla and I cannot thank him enough. Not all husbands do for their wives like he does for me.

Anyways, back to Layton. He is a very active child. I have never doubted he was okay because he is constantly moving around in there...and in very big ways. He is definitely a night owl. Makes me a little nervous because I am NOT a night person, but that's when he seems to come most alive. He was weighing around 7 lbs at our doctor's visit a few weeks ago, so who knows how big he will actually be when he makes his grand entrance-hopefully not like his almost 11 lb mama. YIKES!

So, this week we are just getting ready for him. It's no surprise to everyone that it has been dreadfully cold these past few days. I am thankful that he has stayed put where it's still warm inside. Our heater went out a few nights ago and I just couldn't help thinking I was glad we didn't have a newborn yet. Poor little guy would've froze. WE also got to have some sweet time with big sister that night. Well, it was sweet for me, but she ended up driving Jeff to the couch with all her kicking. Poor daddy.  We pretty much have everything cleaned and ready. It's funny how you just kinda realize what you need to do the second go around and what can wait. It's not that we aren't just as excited, just a little more practical this time around.

We had a shower a few Sundays ago and got so many sweet things for him. It really is kinda like starting over when you have a different gender. I am glad he won't have to use Lyla's pink towels or her bibs with hearts on them, even though we would have totally done that if we had to. I am just thankful to my sweet friends who have given him some things of his very own. I am finally starting to get to that point where I have my mind set that we could really bring him home. Our bags are packed, the nursery is done, the house is clean (just don't come in our room) we just need a baby!

Please pray for us. Obviously for our transition as family of 3 to a family of 4, but also for a healthy delivery, a healthy baby, an excited Lyla, a rested Gammie and Papa (who are coming to keep said excited Lyla) and above all that God will continue to be glorified through this whole experience. He just keeps showing Himself through this whole experience-don't wanna stop it now!!!!!

**Jeff will be posting updates if you want to keep up with him on twitter or facebook.**