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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Layton is 4 months and a family update

Well, as usual, I am behind on this post, but this month I have a good reason! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. A REAL LIVE HOUSE! Yes, we are super excited (if you can't tell) and yes, this has been months in the making, but it's final, it's official and IT'S OVER WITH! (if you've ever bought a house, you feel me on that!) So, us Graves are settling in to our new life here and trying to find our new "normal".

So, my sweet baby boy turned 4 months on the 13th-which means we had to find a new peditrician FAST since he had to have shots this month. This can be such a nightmare (especially since we LOVED our doctor back home), but hallelujah it wasn't! We got some great tips from some other parents here, and found a wonderful doctor that we already love!

So, here's the scoop on Layton from his 4 month check up:
Basically, he's super baby! (of course, he's my child...jk...but not really!:)) His motor skills, according to the doctor, are way advanced. This is HUGE to me. When we had Lyla, I spent so much time working with her and playing with her. Because of the move, Layton has really had to just go with the flow. So, you can imagine my relief to hear that, not only is my baby right on track, but he is doing things that most babies don't do until they are 6 months. GO LAYTON! (and Go God for seeing this mama's heart  and calming my fears and worries!)

Layton weighs 14.5 lbs and the doctor was quick to comment about "what a big boy he is" Even though he's only in the 26th percentile for his weight now, he is all meat. And you know I love those baby rolls:) So, no complaints here! He is also 24 and 1/4 inches tall (short and fat-love it!)

Layton is still sleeping great and eating great! He is still the happiest baby. Everyone always comments on his smile and his laughter can turn any day around. He is so special to me. I could just eat him up, and most days, I do!:)

He's in size 2 diapers and eating 6-7 ounces now.  He is super strong and has started really enjoying playing with his toys. He is trying to sit up and has even played in the jumpy a few times working on those legs muscles. He is the most easy going baby! 

This month was super special for Layton. He got to meet some very important family! Jeff's aunt and uncle had a special cook out this month, and now that we live in Texas, we actually got to go.

 Layton got to meet his great grandfather Pawpaw! Love these Graves boys!

Layton also got to meet his Papa G for the first time. (Poor baby was about to fall asleep!) 

Both my kids LOVE their Papa G!

And of course Layton got to meet his Uncle Jason and Aunt Megan. This was probably the only time Lyla wasn't with her uncle. She stayed close to him all weekend. 

Lyla also got to see her cousin Abreigh again. They were best friends by the end of the weekend. 

These sweet cousins LOVED their new cousin Layton. They all played SO great together

This month, we also took Layton to his first baseball game. He did SO great! (we went with a friend from Quitman who just so happened to have moved out here as well! We love the Taylor's!)

And I just couldn't resist posting this again, because who doesn't love a good baby booty:)

Both kids to seem to be adjusting well to our new life out in Texas. Lyla is making friends fast! I knew she would with her sweet spirit. She still talks about friends from home and I am not sure it has totally clicked with her that we won't see them for a while, but I am so proud of her for being brave and trying new things and meeting new people. 

We are just taking one day at a time and enjoying where the Lord has us RIGHT NOW:)

So, with that said...happy four months baby Layton. We love you like crazy Bud.
(Layton at 3 months and 4 months)

(Lyla and Layton both at 4 months)