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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shots and Jesus

Lyla has had quite a busy week this week. Monday was "shot day". And unfortunately, it was exactly like I expected it to be. We didn't have to wait long in the waiting room, but we sure put in our time in the exam room. The tears started when they tried to put her on the table to measure went downhill from there. My child does NOT like to be naked...(I guess that's a good thing!) She wailed the entire time. It didn't help that we waited for about an hour in a freezing cold room. So, by the time they came in to actually do the shots, we were all a wreck! I had to hold her down, because she likes to kick. I couldn't watch them actually stick her, I just got in her face and kept telling how much I loved her and how great she was doing.

Man, is it hard to see your child in pain like that!! I have some special friends from back home (the McElhaney's) who have two daughters who are in and out of the hospital quite frequently. I couldn't help but lift up special prayers for them as they have to watch their daughters endure much, much more. They are so strong in their faith and have an unshakable family foundation. I look at them in a much different light now for their amazing courage and strength!

Anyways, Lyla ran a fever last night. I am not sure if it is a side effect from the shots or from her big night out. Lyla made her first appearance at church last night. I cannot tell you how excited we were to be able to finally bring her.

It was quite a busy night. I left her at the church with Mama Regina (so thankful for the people who so often volunteer to help us!) and went to Quail Run to do ministry with the kids in that apartment complex. It was so great to see all the kids there. They all made sure to tell me "That I wasnt pregnant anymore" and they all wanted to see Lyla. :) Once we finished there, we headed back to the church and got ready for our youth service. Once the band started playing, she couldnt take her eyes off of the stage. We play worship songs for her every night and I can't help but wonder if they sounded familiar to her. :) She got a little fussy once Jeff started preaching, but nothing that a little rocking and bouncing couldn't fix. To our surprise, Jeff actually called her up on stage and introduced her as the special guest of the evening.

He used her in his illustration how as christians, we have to start growing ourselves at some point! We can't rely on people to feed us forever- we have to dive in and get to know God and His word on our own! Once he was finished he challenged the students to get up and share with what God is doing in their lives...and they did. One by one students shared how God is moving in their schools, on their sports teams, and in the personal lives. It was such a great evening. It felt great to be back.

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