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Saturday, August 6, 2011

1 month

Lyla, today you are 1 month old. I can hardly believe how fast time is flying. We are so crazy about you and it is hard to remember life before you. You are the best baby!!

At one month old:

You love to make funny faces!

You love to ride in the car and usually sleep the entire time!

You have many different sleeping positions (all of them make me laugh!)

But, your favorite sleeping position is snuggling with mommy in the afternoons...

...And sleeping in your swing at night

You Love Love Love your Daddy! (Diggs is very protective of you too-wherever you are, He is there)

Everyone is always amazing at how alert you are and have been since you first popped out! You have the most beautiful dark blue eyes!

You are such a social butterfly and already have LOTS of friends! (these are just a few!)

But your best friends (aside from mommy and daddy) are your grandparents-who love you so much!
Gammie and Papa


Papa G and Chella

You love to be held and rocked (me and you "dance" together quite often-sometimes that's the only thing that will calm you down) You are getting used to bath time and are enjoying them more and more(maybe because daddy makes up songs and sings them to you?)  You love to ride in the car (even though we've only been on a few trips) You do NOT like to be changed and will usually kick and scream the entire time. But once we have clothes on you, you are just fine:) You are such a wonderful baby...

...You are growing so much everyday....

..and I wish I could freeze time but I know that there is so much more to look forward to with you! You are the biggest blessing to your daddy and me! We love you! Happy 1 month Lyla Rae!

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