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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today has been the first day in a week that we have not had company. Needless to say, I got up this morning with a full agenda. I was gonna get some "stuff" done today. Before I go any further, let me mention that I have not checked one thing off of my list. Instead, I have been attending to a furious baby all day. I am sure that anyone who gets within a foot of our door will think that my child is being mistreated, but I assure you, she is not. It has just been one of those days for her and thankfully the Lord has given me an enormous amount of patience today.

Since Lyla has been born, she has had people holding her ALL the time. Who wouldn't want to hold this little bundle of joy?!

However, once everyone has gone, there are points in the day where I HAVE to put her down. Maybe she's just a social butterfly like her mama??! Whatever the case, I feel terrible. I know that you are "supposed" to let them cry it out, but that just tugs on my heartstrings. Any new mommy can relate. But once she is fed, burped, changed, and burped some more, what can you do??  I'm taking suggestions by the way:)

On a positive note, I do feel like we are establishing more of a routine. YAY!!! She usually wakes up around 8 or 9 and we have started having some Jesus time. I am not sure when you are supposed to start reading to your children, but we have started reading the Bible to her. She loves it! (I am also holding her then so who knows...ha!) But she looks around and gets really quiet. I love that precious time with her. I want her to know Jesus and how much he loves her! Usually after that, she will fall asleep, but the second I put her down, the waterworks begin...

By the time Jeff comes home for lunch it is time to feed again and usually after that, she will lay down for a nap...but only if it is in OUR bed and I am snuggling right next to her. Of course, being that snuggly, I usually nap right along with her. :) I don't mind:)

It's almost been a month (can you believe it?!) And I truly fall more in love with her everyday (even when she's crying!)


  1. jenny....i feel your pain girl. and you know what, i'll tell ya - just go on and hold her. all.the time. :) it is for SUCH a short period of time. the house work will eventually get done, the meals will get cooked (or you'll pick something up) but there is only a small window of time when she wants her momma like this and when you are available to her. i feel bad for laney sometimes, because she is SO much like that and wants to be held a lot a lot a lot, but with libbi running around and needing me too, i don't have the luxury of just sitting and holding her for a large part of the day (even though i totally would!) :)
    and, i used to think that slings and carriers were the dumbest things ever....until i had a baby that wanted to be held 24/7. have you thought about getting a wrap or a sling? that way she can still be "held" but you can have your hands free to do other things.....
    hang in there girly and keep on keeping on. you'll look back on these days and realize just how short (and sweet) they were!

  2. Jenny, I love keeping up with your sweet family through your blog. Lyla is just precious! I can SO relate to this post. My family stayed with us for the first two weeks of Shelby's life, and when they left I tried to get "stuff" done as well..and just like you, I got nothing marked off of my to-do list..not even a shower, ha! If you have a Bjorn or some other type of way to "wear" Lyla strapped to you...that is my advice! Shelby loved being close to me, and that freed up my hands to get a few things done throughout the day! Enjoy these precious moments because they fly by! I miss the days when Shelby would just let me hold and snuggle her...she's far too busy for that now! ;) Lyla is so lucky to have you as her mama! You are doing an amazing job!