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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

6 weeks

I cannot believe that it has been 6 weeks since my sweet girl was born! This week, Lyla has accomplished some major things in her little life!

Yesterday, she let me wrap her up in the moby wrap for the first time. It took a few tries to get the hang of it and tied the right way, but once she was in, she loved it. Plus I was able to get a ton done in our bedroom since our new furniture arrived Monday. (by the way OUR NEW FURNITURE ARRIVED MONDAY-it looks amazing!)

Lyla is now able to wear her 0-3 month old clothes as of today! I am so tickled. So far, I have only been able to dress her in onesies because everything else just hung off of her. Up until this point, she has only worn newborn clothes and I have noticed that those have been getting a little snug, so I thought I would try the next size and HOORAY, she fits them! I am so excited to dress her up because she has SO many cute outfits and bows (thanks everyone!) and I know that very soon, she will grow out of those too!

Today was also the first time that Lyla watched one of her baby einstein videos. I am not sure at what age babies can actually comprehend what they are seeing/hearing, but we have been reading the Bible to her since day one and she listens, so today I thought why not try with the videos. I played the video on our mac since we don't have a dvd player and I wouldn't DARE touch Jeff's PS3. I am not sure how much of it she actually watched, but hopefully listening to the repetition of the ABC's and words will help her to learn.

We have also started "tummy time" this week, which she absolutely HATES, but is a must from what I have read. We probably should have started this a few weeks ago, but I had no idea what it even was. I just so happen to stumble upon it this week in some parent reading. Since she isn't a huge fan of it, we are only doing it a few minutes a day. It's fun to watch her and she can actually make it all the way across our bed in a few minutes time! I don't know if it's her strong legs or her anger driving her across, but either way, she makes time! :)

Lyla will get her 6 weeks shots on Monday and I have asked Jeff to join us. Not for her, but for me! I told him yesterday that I would probably cry more than she would and he said "yep, you will". Updates on that later...

Happy 6 weeks baby!

1 comment:

  1. yay for lyla!! she is beautiful! love that picture of her!!! libbi hated tummy time, too at first. our ped. told us that lying on her tummy on daddy's stomach counted, so that's what we did A LOT! she eventually got the hang of it and liked it better :)
    so glad the moby wrap is working for you (and lyla) will be a lifesaver!!!
    don't worry about the shots - it is worse for you than her, but it doesn't last long! love you! :)