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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 years of ministry (part 2)

Two weeks ago, I posted some of my favorite memories of our last 5 years in Quitman. There are just so many great pictures, I had to make it into several posts. So here's part 2. ENJOY! (be on the look out for the final one -part 3) Ps. I miss you guys! Like, a lot!

(Making cookies for the ladies at A and M-they put up with us every wednesday!)

(some of the greatest girls I'll ever know:))

^(oh, the photo shoot-that's a separate post altogether!)^

(Our adopted son Noel)

(Our newly adopted daughter Ingrid)

(Oh, the cow tongue-nastiest thing EVER!)

^(The dream team)^

(Yes, that's Jamie Grace)

(GBS is one of my all time favorite memories!)

(I think this was our first picture together-to be shown at Lyla and Easton's wedding) Jessie, we are so cool:)

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