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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinterest Baby Toy

Our pastor and his wife have a grand daughter that is only 2 weeks younger than Lyla. It has been fun having the girls together and whenever Ms. Linda (our pastor's wife) does something for Addi (her grandbaby), she usually thinks of Lyla and will do the same things for her. Several months ago, she made Lyla and Addi a toy that has seriously saved the day on MANY occasions. She found it on pinterest, so I wanted to share:

I promise is will bring HOURS ....

...AND HOURS....


All it takes is an empty wipe box and pieces of fun, colorful fabric. You tie the fabric together and stuff in the wipe box for them to take out. Most days, Lyla will choose this over any bought toy and more than likely you have all the supplies just lying around your house.

So, give it a try. I am sure even little boys will love this fun, DIY project!!! 

Thanks Mama Linda for this fun gift!!!!

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