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Monday, August 27, 2012

My "bachelor" date

So, Thursday afternoon, Jeff comes home and informs me that Friday he is taking me on a date that he has planned out and that it's going to be like we are on the bachelor.

(But without the putters and holes. We had discs and baskets)

Yes, that's right, we went to play frisbee golf. Well, first we started off at a local diner to have breakfast. I had never eaten there, but they had the absolute BEST biscuits and gravy! We could've called it a day right then and there- it was SO GOOD!

But that wasn't all Jeff had in store-yes, this is where the disc golf (or frisbee golf comes into play!) I had never played before and Jeff has only played a few times, so he planned a date for us to play a few rounds. There are two sites here on the lake where you can play. The first was a 9 hole-the second was an 18 hole course. I MUCH preferred the 18 hole course (less trees for my discs to bounce off of, because let's face it, I am NOT good) BUT as the day went on, I got better and my disc began going further and straighter. It was so much fun to play and we are definitely making plans to do it again. 

After 36 holes (well, I only played 34 because I refused to play the two holes near the swamp because I just knew I'd either A.) throw my disc in the lake (not on purpose) or B.) a HUGE crocodile would submerge from the water and eat me), we decided to grab lunch and head home to relax. 

i have to say, the date wasn't AT ALL what I expected, but I am so so so thankful for a husband who takes the time to still "date" his wife. Sometimes you DO get caught up in the every day to day routine and even the regular "dates", so it was nice to get out and try something new. The only thing missing from our date was the rose, of course. And had there been one, I would have accepted it. :) (over and over and over again:)) 

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