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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meet Virginia

A year and a half ago, I moved to Quitman, Ms. after marrying my wonderful husband Jeff. Marrying him not only meant moving away, but it also meant taking on the role of a youth minister's wife. For anyone who is in the ministry, you can relate to how challenging this can be at times, and also the most rewarding.  It is one of the greatest joys of my life to serve along side  my husband working with students. When we first moved here, I had no clue what we were doing...still probably don't. Thank goodness God is in control of this thing and not us! Quitman is so different than Lawrenceville which is where I grew up. However, right away I noticed how amazing the people were here. Anyone who has ever visited us can agree that some of the greatest people we will ever meet live right here. The students were no different. They welcomed us right away and have grown into amazing warriors for Christ. The whole reason I am blogging today is because I just had lunch with one of our seniors from last year-Virginia. I loved her from the moment I met her and knew that she had an amazing talent and spirit for the Lord. It has been so neat to see her grow into her faith and lead others around her because of her passion for Jesus. I loved having a 2 hour lunch with her today just listening to all that God is doing in her life. She and her boyfriend, Tyler have taken jobs at a church near the college they attend. Tyler is a youth minister to his own youth group now and Virginia will be leading the congregation and youth group in worship each week. I couldn't help but tear up seeing how God is using this amazing couple to further His kingdom and felt so unworthy that she seeks my advice!  What an honor to have been part of this journey with them. Praising God today for blessings like this!!!

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