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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pillow Talk

We made it down to Gulf Shores yesterday afternoon. I am so relaxed already! This is definitely what we BOTH needed! Our condo is absolutely gorgeous and we have an incredible view of the beach! I love staying right on the beach...nothing compares to it!

Anyways, the reason I am blogging today is because I wanted to document something that happens frequently in the Graves' home-pillow talk. Most couples would say that some of the best conversations can happen when its just the two of you and your head hits the pillow. However, that isn't exactly the same kind of pillow talk I am referring to, although we have had some great late night talks that way too.  You see, Jeff frequently talks in his sleep. I mean this happens quite often. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I can understand what he is saying, other times it is like we are having a conversation wide awake. You may think I am crazy, but I never miss an opportunity to talk to him when he is asleep. You never know what he might I always talk right back to him. I remember one night right after his Grandfather (Gran) died, Jeff started talking about him in his sleep and so I started asking questions to keep him talking. Most nights aren't serious talks, like that one. Last night, however, the "pillow talk" happened TWICE! I have been racking my brain to try and remember our first conversation but I can't for the life of me...who knows, maybe I was asleep too. But our second conversation went something like this:

I rolled over (as I frequently do now to try and get comfortable) and I saw Jeff's eyes wide awake. Normally this might scare me, but for some reason it didn't. I asked him what he was doing awake and he just started laughing. I knew then he was really asleep. He has this distinct laugh that he does when he sleeps. I guess his dreams are really funny. Anyways, he muttered a few things and I asked him what he was laughing about (see, I could have gone back to bed at this point, but I LOVE talking to him when he's's fun!) He told me that we weren't going to be able to go anymore. Of course, I wanted to know where we weren't going now. He said that our group wasn't going to be able to go now. (At his point he starts counting on his fingers) He said "Me and him and the others" He held up two fingers on one hand and another finger on the other hand (pretty good for a sleeping person) I asked him why we weren't going to be able to go and he said "because everyone is failing" haha. This part cracked me up....I guess I talk about school too much!!! He said "Everyone is failing" about 10 more times and then said "It's stupid" a couple of times and then went right back to sleep. I laughed to myself for a little while and then went back to sleep myself.

Today marks day two in Gulf Shores for our "babymoon" as some are calling it (the honeymoon before the baby comes) We have plans to lay out (Jeff installed a march madness app on his phone so he can watch while we lay out and I have a magazine screaming my name) We are mainly relaxing and then planning to hit the town tonight for dinner and the outlets nearby. :) So so so happy to be here for this much needed break!

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  1. I'm sitting in Borders studying and decided to check my blogs and this definitely made me laugh out loud. Got a few stares, but that's ok! I love talking back to my husband when he says stuff in his sleep. You are not alone! Have fun on your Babymoon! Two of my friends just had their babies. One last Thursday and one today! All this baby talk makes me wants one! Hopefully after dental school is over!