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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Babymoon

We have finally returned home after an incredible week off. We left Tuesday morning to head down to Gulf Shores Alabama for a few days of rest and relaxation. The week was just perfect!

We laid out in the sun during the day....(I got too much sun even though I coated myself in sunscreen!)

And went out to eat at night....
Our favorite place was Lambert's. I had been once before, but Jeff had never been! It is always such a fun experience no matter how many times you have eaten there. Their claim to fame is their "roll throwing"

You simply raise your hand for a roll and they throw you one-even if it's from clear across the room!

We also ate at LuLu's which is a restaurant owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister Lucy. The food was good and the atmosphere was fun, but the best part of LuLu's was their krispy kreme doughnut bread pudding!!!

It was incredible and you can actually get the recipe online. Beware: I am almost positive that this dessert contains at least 2,000 calories since they make it with 2 dozen doughnuts.

The rest of our trip was literally us just relaxing (which was MUCH needed) We spent a lot of time by the beach and by the pool. Jeff downloaded a march madness app on his phone so he was totally occupied while I read my magazine! :) (Usually, he gets bored quickly when I want to lay out-so I was actually thankful for the "MADNESS":)

After we left Gulf Shores on Friday, we headed over Pascagoula, Ms. to help with his old youth pastor's disciple now weekend. It was so great to see many of the students that I have worked with for 4 years now and to see our friends Shawn and Rachel Mahannah who live in Tampa. I miss them so much and always have the best talks with Rachel. We have so much in common and just really get each other:) It was so encouraging to catch up with her and of course to be challenged throughout the week to "Just Obey". We are commanded to go-we must have permission to stay! I am so excited to see what doors God will open for me to serve Him and the people in our community!

We were so blessed to be able to get away for a few days and just enjoy friends and each other. It was the perfect get away before our sweet little angel gets here!:)

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