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Friday, June 24, 2011

38 weeks

Size of baby: Not a 100% sure, but about 2 weeks ago the doctor said that Lyla was about 6 lbs. She is definitely going to be a bigger baby:)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: No longer disclosing this information-haha. But the doctor seems pretty satisfied with the amount that I have gained and it is still in the healthy rage, so there ya go:)

Maternity Clothes: Yes, but I refuse to buy any more clothes, so I am at the point where I am wearing the same thing almost everyday, which even that doesn't really fit me. You can usually catch me in a light summer dress because they are so comfortable and I don't have to worry about the elastic band around the waist!

Gender: It's definitely a GIRL! LYLA RAE GRAVES:)  

Movement: Lyla has always been an active baby and I know that I will for sure miss those feelings of her moving around in there. Last night, however, she really out did herself. She has never been a big mover at night, but last night she would not let up. I have never in the whole pregnancy felt her move as much as she did last night. I do not know what she was doing in there, but I am telling myself that maybe she is wiggling her way down to the birth canal:) The doctor told us on Monday that we are at a -1 (0 is station and 4 is her completely out) So, she has definitely dropped, and I can definitely tell. If you ever wonder why a pregnant girl waddles, especially toward the end, this is the exact reason!!! I feel like she could "fall" out at any moment-even though I know that's not possible. 

Sleep: The past few nights have been a tad better, but lately I have been suffering from horrible acid reflux at night. I have changed up my diet a bit, and that has helped some. I still sleep with a million pillows and my saving grace-the heating pad. I haven't had to take tylenol for my back lately (knock on wood) Could be because she is a little lower and giving my upper back a break. 

What I miss: Mainly miss just being comfortable. This summer heat is hard to bear, but luckily I wont have to endure it much longer. I keep the house around 60 degrees because even inside I am blazing-poor jeff has to sleep with a heating blanket at night because he is so cold. haha. Not too much longer babe!
Cravings:Fruit has been a constant throughout this pregnancy. I also love cereal (cereal of the week has been lucky charms) I usually make a run to Hardee's to get curly fries and a sweet tea at least once or twice a week, and I will confess to a small meltdown when I wanted Arby's and Jeff couldn't go pick it up for me last week because he had to make it back to work for an appointment (Arby's is about 30 mins away). But, we went this week and finally got me a roast beef sandwich-it was yum yum good!

Symptoms: HOT FLASHES, acne, swollen feet

Best Moment This Week:  Going to the doctor and having her tell us that we are one step closer to having Lyla here and that my body is doing everything that it should. I am so thankful for that-Right now, we are praying that when I DO go into labor it is so unbelievably obvious so that we can officially let both sets of our parents know and they can start their own journeys here to be with us. 

God is so good!

ps. Jeff is so sure that she will come this weekend. He is actually scaring me at his premonitions. He is even installing the car seat today (which we have put off doing because we use the exterra weekly for storage for Quail Run Ministry, so the seats are always left down) But, he so desperately wants her to come this weekend and really believes that she will...we shall see:) I have been having some contractions this morning, but nothing consistent yet.

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  1. Jenny I just absolutely LOVE YOU!!! I am so happy that I can now call you my cousin.. Woot Woot! I cannot wait for baby Lyla to get here and following you through your pregnancy journey has been amazing. PLease let us know when she is on her way so we can be praying during the delivery.