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Thursday, June 2, 2011

35 weeks!!

It's funny. Everyone told me that the beginning stages of pregnancy would fly by, but the end would drag on miserably. For me, it has been quite the opposite. I cannot believe that we are only 5 weeks (or so) away from meeting OUR DAUGHTER! I am officially out of school for the summer and am trying to concentrate on getting the house ready for sweet Lyla's arrival. It is so nice to be home! Last week, cabin fever set in a little bit, so I am trying to stay busy helping out with things at the church and hanging out with friends -It could be a while once Lyla gets here before I am able to do these things again. We have our next appointment on Monday and I am hoping to get a good update (which they have all been good updates so far-so hopefully it will continue to stay that way!)  Here's an update on the pregnancy at 35 weeks:

Size of baby: As of our last appointment she was about 4 lbs. I was 10 lbs 11oz and Jeff was around 5 lbs, so we shall see who she favors on the weight side of things-I am hoping her daddy wins that one. Delivering a 10 lb baby does NOT sound appealing to me. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Too much...haha. Let's just say I am 5 lbs less than my husband's weight...:(

Maternity Clothes: Yes, but I refuse to buy any more clothes, so I am at the point where I am wearing the same thing almost everyday. Oh well!

Gender: It's definitely a GIRL! She already has more shoes and clothes than I do....:)  

Movement: Oh goodness...She moves all the time. People have asked me if I can figure out her personality yet  and I can tell you two things just based on the way she moves: 1. Baby girl is very very active. It doesn't matter if it is morning or night-she moves all the time. I do not feel her kicking as much anymore, but the rolling around is constant. 2. Girlfriend is stubborn. She has definitely turned already and very much likes to stick her fanny in my ribs. Just last night, I felt like her little tush was coming through my stomach and I hollered for Jeff and he tried to talk her into moving so She "wouldn't hurt mommy anymore." Did she listen? No. The fanny in my ribs thing usually happens several times a day. I get a kick thinking she is going to take after her mama in the hips and backside area! Sorry, Lyla! (baby got back) haha.

Sleep: Some nights I will sleep great (well not pre-pregnancy great, but great for 35 weeks) other nights, I DREAD the night time. My usual routine is taking 3-4 tylenol for the back pain (yes, it's that bad), falling asleep with the heating pad on (which I usually turn off on my first bathroom trip of the night) and getting up 2-3 times to use the bathroom. I sleep with 3 pillows under my head, two little pillows under my belly and one behind my back. 

What I miss: Being able to go places. I have been having a hard time with missing out on things because I can't travel or I can't do the activity. My best friend Lindsey is home in the states for 3 weeks-can't travel to go see her. My brother in law is getting married this weekend -can't travel to Texas to see them. It's hard to sit back and miss out, but I have to keep reminding myself that I have to do what's best for Lyla.  I also couldn't go to the river last weekend with Jeff and friends from church because I couldn't walk the mile to the river or get in a boat.
Cravings:Fruit has been a constant throughout this pregnancy. I also love cereal (apple jacks mainly), any breakfast food really,  :) I also constantly want things I can't get here in Mississippi. Starbucks, Panera, Zaxbys, you get the idea....

Symptoms: Hot flashes, acne, swollen feet, exhaustion

Best Moment This Week:  Finishing up her nursery and feeling like "ok, we could actually bring her home now" :)

Lyla Rae, we love you so much and are so ready to meet you!!! 

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  1. so cute. i weighed more than my husband by the time i gave birth- about 15 lbs more. YIKES. and i got to be the same way about clothes- i just wore the same jeans and top every day...

    they don't have panera or starbucks in mississippi?!?!