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Monday, June 20, 2011

Emotions, Feelings, Melt Downs.....yes, I am pregnant!

This pregnancy has definitely been filled with many emotions and thankfully my wonderful husband has seen me through every one of them. Last night, a whole new emotion hit me! Last week, I was still stuck at the 1cm mark and the doctor recommended that we try a few things to help little Lyla along. One of those things was walking. So, Jeff and I have been trying to get out at night (because goodness knows, it is waaay too hot to walk during the day-especially in this body). We came in and I immediately got back to  working on our thank you cards (yes, they are coming-sorry friends for the delay) I sent a text to a my sister letting her know that we had a doctor's appointment today and that we had just come in from strolling around the block trying to speed this process up-AND THAT'S WHEN THE MELT DOWN BEGAN!

For the past few weeks, I have thought of nothing more than getting this baby here. I am uncomfortable in the heat, I am tired of this body, and I am just down right ready to meet my little girl! However, last night, it really hit me that WE ARE ABOUT TO HAVE A LITTLE GIRL! I called Jeff into the bedroom (he was washing dishes-a lot of dishes-we don't have a dish washer, so we have to hand wash them and they can very quickly pile up!-Since he was helping me out, it made the melt down even worse. )I just sobbed and sobbed to him that it wouldn't be just US anymore and how I didn't want things to change between us. I know that I am such a lucky girl to have found such an amazing husband and I don't want one bit of what we have to change. It just really hit me that while we are patiently waiting on Miss Lyla, I really need to soak up this last bit of Just Jeff time. We go back to the doctor today and I still hope that we are progressing along, but for now, I am just going to enjoy every second I have with the most wonderful husband in the world:)


  1. i had that cry many times during my pregnancy. even now i sometimes still have that cry. have things changed? yes, of course- but i wouldn't change them for the world. things will be so much better. i know you know that! so as much as you want her here, just enjoy your last 3-5 weeks. make sure you guys plan a special date (we had ours around 39 weeks) and get your bags packed. don't rush her- we're pregnant for 40 weeks for a reason!! good luck!

  2. Can we please cry together soon??? Please and thank you!

  3. Melissa, I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels that way. Thanks for the encouragement! I am sure I will need much more of it in the days to come!

    Meg, Yes! I am always down for a cry date with starbucks..haha. I love you

  4. jenny,

    just remember to always make time for you two. It won't be easy and it will involve some guilt (you feel guilty leaving the kids). Stephen and I, after many trials, made a promise that once a year (at least) we would take a trip, small or big, and it be just us. I treasure those times and it is such a wonderful time. Yes, we mostly talk about the kids, but we get to be alone. Remember the best thing you can give your children is a happy, healthy marriage. An example for them to look up to.

    Right now I am on the other end of the spectrum and I hate to leave the kids because I know my time with them is growing short. But I must remember that they will be gone and me and stephen will have to have something to continue on.

    Love you and this little girl is one lucky girl to have you two as her parents!!