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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost Full Term

This Friday, I will be 37 weeks pregnant carrying out sweet little Lyla. I have had so many emotions these past few weeks as the time is definitely getting closer. Will I be a good mom? Are we really ready for this? Will this pregnancy EVER end? ha.

We had another doctor's appointment this Monday and I am still only dilated 1cm. (I say "only" but I am really grateful that my body has already started preparing for her to come-several friends I have talked to went right up until they delivered never even dilating) While her due date is still about 3 weeks away, we are just so anxious for her to get here. Aside from the obvious of just wanting to feel good again, I am simply ready to meet my daughter. So many mommies have told me that they miss being pregnant-just the amazing blessing of feeling their baby move and having them actually be a part of you! So, for now, I am really trying to embrace these last few weeks that I have with her in my belly.

Jeff has been gone to children's camp this week-summer is always a crazy time for youth ministers! Every time he is away, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have him by my side through this whole thing. He is so good to me and Lyla. My heart aches for girls who don't have a supportive man to guide them during this time. I couldn't imagine doing one bit of this without him. It is funny, because he has already started nesting a little bit and he is very anxious to have her room ready-which it is-but he wants batteries in everything and everything in a place. It's cute watching him get ready for the most important roles of his life-besides being a husband. I am so thankful that he returns today-he will not have to leave again until after Lyla is born:)

We had another beautiful shower this past Sunday that our church family gave us and the amount of gifts and love for this little girl was unreal!!!! We are so thankful for everyone who has loved on us, given to us and prayed for us during this amazing time.

ps. I also want to note that Diggs tore the head off of the diaper cake the second we brought it home. Someone is having some feelings.....ha!

A little note to my daughter:
What an amazing journey this has already been with you. I can already tell that you have quite a personality. You already are a very active child. The doctors have told us that your heart rate is high and it is hard to get pictures of you, because you are constantly moving around in there. I guess that is no surprise seeing who your parents are. (I hope you don't think we are too crazy!) I do want you to know that we love you so much already! We have been praying for you since the day we found out you were going to be ours. One of your favorite things right now is sticking your booty in your mommy's ribs(or anywhere else for that matter) You are also a fan of strawberries and sweet tea. Anytime I eat or drink one of those two, you do a jig in there. :) So many people love you already and most importantly Jesus loves you!!! We are so ready for your arrival!!!!  See you soon:)


  1. jen-jen....beautiful post! i am crying!! praying for you as you are in your last few weeks of pregnancy...those are definitely the toughest! :)
    and, i don't miss being pregnant one little bit - ha! i would much rather have my babies here in my arms...although it is a little more nerve wracking, because you do feel like they're a bit safer in than out....but it is such a blessing and a true miracle to hold that baby for the first time!! love you and can't wait to meet sweet lyla!! xoxo

  2. Jenny, I am so excited for you all and the soon arrival of sweet Lyla! Giving birth was the most powerful, precious, indescribable experience I've had in my entire life. Trey and I both will treasure that experience forever; what a bond in our marriage. These last few weeks will definitely be tough as your body reaches its limits and your longing for her becomes insatiable. But then, before you know it, she will be in your arms and you will forget all the waiting and even the discomfort of pregnancy. I do miss those sweet movements in my womb, even the uncomfortable kicks and jabs, movements that only Kate and I shared at any given moment in the day or night. But oh to have her in your arms! There is nothing like it. I love you and will be praying for you, Jeff, and Lyla as you prepare for Lyla and give birth. I SO look forward to your blog post proclaiming "she is here!!!"