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Monday, May 7, 2012

Double Digits

Lyla has reached the 10 month mark! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying. We are even starting to think about her first birthday! I really like this stage that Lyla is in. She is changing so much everyday and we are seeing more of her personality. She is the sweetest baby. She loves to be loved on and held. Most of the time, if she is fussy, she just wants to be close to someone. She is definitely a social butterfly -no clue where she gets that from-:)

Since the weather is getting nicer, we have started doing more activities outside. She LOVES it!!! Our church recently built a new swing set complete with a baby swing. Jeff got to swing her for the very first time. I think they both had a great time!

She also likes to go for runs with her daddy. Jeff likes to dress her in her work out gear when they go out! 

Lyla is definitely doing more exploring this month! She is into anything and everything. She is a curious george for sure! She loves to get things out of boxes and bags (hasn't learned to put them back in yet though!) She loves opening up drawers and pulling things out, but I would say her absolute favorite thing is emptying her diaper bag.

She has also learned to pull up by herself. She did it for the first time, pulling up in her crib, on my 28th birthday! Ever since then, she pulls up as often as she can. We have even had to lower her mattress so she won't fall over! She is still pretty short, but has recently been able to pull up on the couch as well. She tries so hard and doesn't give up even when she takes a tumble! She loves to practice walking! It makes me a little nervous, but I know she has to keep at it!

She has completely mastered crawling-officially crawling on her hands and knees. And boy is she fast!!!! I am worn out trying to keep up with her!

This month, Papa G and CG got to come visit for a few days! It was so fun having them around. I think they were pretty amazed how much Lyla has grown! I am so glad Lyla has such a good relationship already with her grandparents! 

 Lyla still takes 2 naps a day and sleeps through the night. She is in a size 3 dipaer (we have moved up a size this month!) and 6-9 month clothes. She still eats 3 meals a day and has 4 bottles a day! She still only has two teeth but loves to flash that cute grin at anyone who will look her way! She has learned to say Diggs (most of the time it just sounds like "iggs") and still calls everyone and everything dada. But I can occasionally get those sweet words "mama" out of her! She loves to hug and is super ticklish especially under her neck and arms.

I still cannot believe it's been 10 months since you popped into our lives. We are loving every minute!!!

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  1. she is adorable!!!!!! and i'm loving the pics with your new camera...fancy! :)
    i miss y'all and wish we could see y'all soon...she is growing so fast! i love her sweet little face!!!!! love you all!!!