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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today was my first mother's day. It feels wonderful and weird at the same time. For so many years, I have celebrated MY mom and it just doesn't seem like I should even be considered in that category. I know that I have a long way to go, but these past 10 months of being a mom have been the best of my life. I love being a mommy to Lyla Rae, so today was pretty exciting for me!

Some of our family got to come out to be with us this weekend because Lyla was being dedicated. It made the day all the more special. Today, Jeff and I declared before our church family and friends that we will be the best christian parents we can be for Lyla and promised to involve her in missions and church activities and to pray for her safety and God's will for her life.

During the actual dedication, Lyla was a hoot! If I can post the video later, I will. She decided to entertain the crowd but yelling "YAY" and waving the entire time. The congregation was in an uproar! Lyla is definitely not bashful! I guess I am just thankful she didn't get upset and cry:)

Afterwards, we celebrated with gifts and cards for each other. Jeff and I got our moms beach bags with their "grandma" names on them and some lotions and bubble bath. Both our moms got me a willow tree angel (great minds think a like) and then my mom and dad had Lyla "read" me a story about how much she loves me. They also made me a photo album of our first moments as a mother/daughter pair. Goo and Dave also got me a gift card (shopping!!) and a mother/daughter book with tips for each stage of life.

These are a few of my favorites from the book:

* Teach her that perfume shouldn't knock a family out of their chairs at breakfast.
*Realize that she won't battle you for the phone until she's ten. Then it's every woman for themselves.
*When she's about seven years old, she will start noticing what people have. Teach her to pay more attention to what people are.
*Don't stay up late worrying that your daughter doesn't have a boyfriend. Get a life.
*Watch how she talks to her dolls. You'll learn how you're talking to her.
*Remember, everything she learns about trusting women starts with you.

I could post them all! They are all so great! Such a fun gift!

Thank you everyone for all the sweet gifts you showered me with today-it made me feel so honored!

And then, there's Jeff's gift to me! He made me and his mom pancakes this morning and had this card waiting for me:)

Along with the card was an "L" charm for my necklace! I LOVED IT! He's such a thoughtful husband!

 We are so unbelievably grateful to our parents and Goo and Dave for making the trip out here. It was such a sweet day celebrating our wonderful moms and of course Lyla Rae! I will never forget the overwhelming amount of joy in my heart today! It was the perfect first mother's day!!!

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  1. i love this!!!! such great picture of everyone and lyla looks beautiful!!! what is the name of the book goo gave you? sounds like one i'd like to read :)