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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lyla's morning

Jeff bought me a new camera for my birthday-it's pretty intense and I am still trying to figure it out (btw, I am NO WHERE near figuring it out).  Today while trying to figure it out a little more, I decided to capture some of Lyla (of course). So, here's how Lyla's morning went.... (Note: I usually have her out of her pjs by this point, but I have been sick the past few days, so we both just decided to stay comfy this morning)

Lyla had a busy morning-

 First, she decided to play with Diggs' toy (It blows my mind how fascinated she is with his toys and he would rather play with her toys-I guess we need to start buying her dog toys! ha.) 

Then she went looking under the couch for something....

And found something...YIKES!!!! 

Next, it was time to play with my shoes

Once that got boring, it was time to open the drawer a few times on the entertainment center

But she was most satisfied playing with her monkey that Aunt Lindsey gave her. 

Thanks for letting me capture your morning Lyla:) 

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