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Monday, April 2, 2012

Art in the Park- the Easter edition

On Saturday, Quitman had it's first annual art in the park complete with an easter egg hunt and the Easter bunny himself! As soon as I heard mention of this, I made sure the Graves' family schedule was clear. We weren't going to miss this! You see, since we don't live near our families and since Jeff is on staff at a church, we are never with our families for Easter (with the exception of last year because Easter fell the day before my birthday so my parents came out to surprise us!) But usually, it's just us. We both grew up having HUGE (and I mean HUGE) lunches with our entire families and then hunted eggs with all of our cousins. I love and cherrish those memories and wanted Lyla to have that too-even though she will probably never remember that day-we will remember it! So, we went. Here are some pictures from the day!

Lyla INSISTED on wearing her bunny ears made for her by the school district!

She also INSISTED that daddy wear them -he's such a good sport!

We found the Easter bunny!She would not stop petting him-I think he reminded her of Diggs:)

Finally got her to look at the camera. This was the best we could do-at this point I was literally dancing around trying to get her to look at us!

Then we headed to the Easter egg hunt, where we found....NO EGGS! ha. The big kids beat us to all the eggs!  At least we have our pretend picture!

A friend felt bad for us and gave us one of her eggs! Thanks Breckin!

 What a fun day!!!!
 Even though we came out with only one egg (again, thanks Breckin!), we still had a blast! We got Lyla's feet  and hand prints done in pottery (Thanks to Mamaw Slay), bought Lyla a few Easter surpirses, had a funnel cake (and fried pies) and got to visit with many many dear friends! 

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