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Sunday, August 24, 2014


(love our new letters for his room)

I definitely have not forgotten about this sweet boy of mine. He has been up to so much these past two months, and since I am a tad behind (when am I not?), I decided to combine the 2 months. These past few months, Layton celebrated his big sister's birthday

Got to meet his Uncle J and two of his great aunts (Gwen and Pat)

Went down his first water slide

Dressed like a cow for some free chicken (such a team player even if he didn't get any!)

Layton has changed so much! He is MOVING! Around the 6th month mark, Layton officially started crawling. It almost happened overnight. He is also putting himself in a sitting position and trying to stand up. I am telling you people, I blinked and this happened...

And now, THIS is happening...

He is such a busy fella. He amazes me at how fast he can get into something. He loves playing with his football and his cars. He LOVES his bouncey and has even started walking around in his walker. Boy can MOVE! He loves to be on the floor playing. He also loves to open and close the cabinets and has a pretty good grip on anything he can get his hands on. I won't discuss how much hair of mine he has pulled out. He's STRONG!

Layton also said his first word "dada" in his 6th month. We were pretty sure he had said it before, but there is no doubt now. Everything and everyone is "dada". That's ok. I am patiently waiting my turn. :)

While he doesn't "talk" a while lot, he loves to yell. He's not angry or upset, just likes to get loud. He thinks he's pretty funny.

Layton has the world's biggest smile. He is so incredibly happy. And his laugh...oh my gracious, his laugh. He can make turn any bad day around just simply by giving me one of his full, hardy laughs. It is so deep and full, it just cracks me up to hear him crack up. And he is so easily entertained. He will laugh at you if you tickle him (especially under his arms and neck and around his ribs), if you make funny faces or noises. I am telling you, he is the most joyful kid. 

He is definitely still teething, although no teeth have actually popped through. He's never fussy, so the teething thing hasn't bothered him (or me). However, this boy could fill a swimming pool with his drool. Whew! Who knew a little guy could have that much spit. ha. 

On his 6th month birthday, we starting feeding Layton solids. His very first food was sweet potato. HE LOVED IT!!! He has really gotten the hang of food now that he is 7 months. So far, he has tried sweet potato, apples, bananas (not the best experience with his sister, they kinda made his tummy sour-if you know what I mean), avocado, peas, peaches. 

We are also working on getting him to self-feed using the gerber puffs. Lyla likes to help feed him. She is such a good big sister. If Layton is fussing (which is rare), she will run over to him with a toy and say "It's ok Layton, I'm here." So precious how they love each other. They have started holding hands in the back seat and they play pretty well together (unless he has her toys) He thinks she is the best and will get so tickled at the things she does. She IS pretty funny. :)

Layton is still a great sleeper. He can usually fall asleep anywhere, anytime. He is still sleeping through the night. Isn't he just the cutest..and those cheeks...ahh!!!

Layton is still in size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes (usually) Around his 6 month check up, he weighed a little over 18 lbs. We started treating him for reflux this month and has helped TREMENDOUSLY with the spitting up. He is not a fussy baby, so it is always hard for me to tell if something is bothering him. I feel like we are on the right track though. 

So, happy 6th and 7th month baby Layton. You are too much fun! We all just adore you and love watching you grow and explore new things. 

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