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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ONE YEAR! (picture overload!)

It is so unbelievably hard to believe that my little baby Lyla is now ONE YEAR! I know everyone says this, but it really does seem like just yesterday that we were nervously packing up and heading to the hospital. I can only imagine how quickly the next few years will go by!  Once I get her birthday pictures back, I will blog about her party, but for now, here is what Lyla has been up to this month!

I have seen so many new changes in Lyla this month! She is definitely exploring more and getting into as many things as she can! She still loves to pull everything out of her diaper bag. She is playing more with her toys and her favorite is tootles the bear. We seldom go anywhere without him:)

Lyla can say mama, dada, Diggs, bye bye and Papa. She will also make L sounds- see the video below(I really think she is trying to say her name-Lyla! and maybe even trying to sing a little bit! haha) She loves to talk -no idea where she gets that from:)

While she is not walking by herself yet, she has completely mastered cruising. She can pull up on just about anything and as long as she is holding onto something, she is on the go.

Since Lyla has 4 teeth now, we are making less and less baby food and letting her try more "big people" food:) She loves pastas, eggs, cinnamon rolls, oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, pizza, popsicles, cake (really, anything sweet!). Of course, she still loves her sweet potato, peas, mashed potatoes, watermelon, and peaches. She is a very good eater. We are still working on the sippy cup thing, but she has gotten A LOT better at. She likes to drink out of whatever cup we are drinking out of- and she has even started sipping from a straw! She is down to 1-2 bottles a day and we are hoping to start whole milk this week with her. 

Lyla weighs 18 lbs and 10 oz and is in the 10% for her height and weight. She can wave bye bye and clap her hands. She loves to dance when she hears music and she is super cuddly. She will usually have 1 or 2 naps a day and will usually sleep through the night. She is still in size 3 diapers and 9-12 month clothes.  She is so full of life and is truly the best baby!

Here are some of the one year pictures I took!

Happy 1 year Lyla Rae!!! We are so blessed to have you in our lives!

                         July 2011                                         July 2012

1 comment:

  1. doll baby! she is precious!!
    something about her reminds me of laney...maybe cause they're both so squishy and cute! and i am impressed by how much she talks - go lyla!! it really does sound like she's saying "lyla" :)
    miss y'all and hope to see all of you soon!!!! xoxo