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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3 years ago...

3 years ago,  I was getting ready to walk down the aisle and say "I do" to the guy I had waited my whole life for. I was nervous, excited, anxious, EXCITED! That day, we promised to love God and love each other for the rest of our lives. I have never regretted that decision and I SO look forward to many many more years with Jeff!

I found my prayer journal from the day we got married, and wanted to record it here in case I ever loose my journals.

July 25, 2009
First of all, I was thank you for this beautiful day you have created. I feel like you created it just for me, today on my wedding day. Thank you for letting me see you through this. I am so nervous, excited, anxious. I know you have brought Jeff and I together and called us to do ministry. Lord you are so good. Your blessings are so apparent in both our lives. Lord I just want to pray for the day. God, our main focus is to celebrate YOU through this wedding. Lord, if there is anyone who has never heard your word, I pray that they hear it today. I pray that today is a celebration of what YOU have done in our lives Jesus, thank you for being with us every step of this journey. I pray that you will give us peace to calm the nerves, give us strength to make this new change, and give us joy no matter what happens today. Johnny Harvey made the point last night that we have been on the same journey our whole lives, but now the veil is lifted and we are able to see each other. God, I know YOU have brought us together. I pray that everyday we can strive to be more like you. Thank you for THIS day.

Here's another entry that I have shared with the girls in our youth group MANY times that just proves God's faithfulness! He KNOWS the desires of our hearts and hears our cries! This post was 3 years earlier than the post before...

July 24, 2006
....My heart is so broken right now. I just found out that ______ and _____ (*I didn't want to share their names) got engaged. Lord, I cannot help but wonder when MY time will come. I want so badly to find him Lord and I know that you are preparing him for me. God, I pray that wherever he is tonight, that you are guarding his heart and growing him in YOU Lord......
(My prayers went on, but that was just part of it)

I can't help but think that while my heart was aching as I was cried out to God that night, he was just smiling knowing that in just 3 years, I would be at my rehearsal dinner getting ready to marry the man of my dreams the very next day!

God is so faithful and I am so undeserving of his love and of the love he shows me through Jeff. While Jeff is not perfect(none of us are), he is perfect for ME! I love being married to him-it is one of the greatest blessings I have ever experience on this earth! I love being his wife and can only hope that we can have 100 more!!!

Happy 3 years!!!!

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