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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Graham Cracker

Today Lyla had her first REAL solid food- a graham cracker. 

Well, after all was said and done, she probably had about 5 small pieces of it. The rest of it went to me...and Diggs.

I was a little confused because she didn't really understand the concept of actually picking the cracker up and putting it in her mouth-everything else seems to end up in her mouth, why not food!? She will get the hang of it. As for today, she picked the food up and threw it on the floor. Diggs was a happy man. I hand fed her the pieces she actually ate.

(Notice the white fur in the corner lurking around for something-ANYTHING!)

She seemed to really like it-suggestions on what solids are okay to start trying with an 8 month old??


  1. go lyla!!! laney loves graham crackers, too. :) she'll get the hang of won't take long! laney still has a hard time sometimes and it baffles me, because she can pick up any little speck of anything she sees on the floor, but struggles to put food in her mouth - ha!
    some of the things that we've given laney....
    peas, carrots (cut up/steamed/cooked so they're nice and soft). i am lazy sometimes...ok...a lot of times ...and just use the canned veggies (i think there's a "mixed veggies" and a "peas and carrots" one, too). they're easy to warm up and are already soft enough for her to eat.
    we've done green beans that way, too.
    bananas are a good fruit and so are pears - both are easy, because they're already soft so you don't even have to steam them or cook them at all. i've chopped and steamed apples...the easiest way to start is to start blending them like you're going to make applesauce, but leave some "chunks" in there so it's not pureed completely. that will get her used to "chewing" or "gumming" more things.
    we've done nutrigrain bars, cheerios are GREAT! goldfish (but for some reason laney still gets choked up on these), graham crackers, she's had some noodles from mac n cheese, bits of a quesadilla.
    i'd say the best things to start with are
    green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes
    bananas, pears, apples. we've done mandarin oranges, too.
    if you're feeling adventurous and want to make some things, this website
    has a lot of recipes and tips. i've made LOTS of stuff from there. :)
    feel free to call me or text me if you have any questions!!
    good luck lyla!! :)

  2. i did the so easy baby food cookbook and basically followed whatever it said for month to month. but i made EVERYTHING in the book (6-12 mos) and ian ate all of it