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Monday, May 2, 2011

30 Weeks...WOOHOO!

Size of baby: According to my pregnancy app, Lyla is almost 3 lbs this week. Feels like a lot more though!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don't think that I am going to admit how much I have gained anymore...sorry! haha. But thankfully, I am still within healthy boundaries! From here on out I am expected to gain a pound a week. 

Maternity Clothes: YES! I still wear my regular pants with my belly band and can only wear maternity shirts at this point. I have also started getting into Jeff's closet to wear some of his tshirts and shorts.  

Gender:Still a beautiful little girl:)

Movement: This girl moves all the time. If there is every a day when I don't feel her kick or move as much, all I have to do is eat a strawberry and she goes crazy!!! Girl loves fruit!

Sleep: Not good at all. I am exhausted, but can't seem to sleep well because of my back pain. Only 10 more weeks:)

What I miss: Sleep and comfort. My ribs and back are in pain constantly, but it is so worth it to be carrying our baby girl! This week, I have also missed my hubby. He went to ATL for a conference. It has really made me realize all the he does for me-like clean up doggie throw up. That was rough this week...
Cravings: Still love fruit the most! I also eat a lot of carrots and ranch, egg and cheese biscuits from Hardees, and salads. 

Symptoms: back pain, rib pain, acne, swollen feet, and a serious case of "the dropsies" 

Best Moment This Week:  Winning the grand prize diaper bag at our child birth class last week:) It was loaded with wipes, baby toys, frames, candles, bibs, etc. We also got Lyla's crib today!!! Pics to come soon!!! I am so happy with her nursery! Oh and I got an amazing massage (thanks of my sweet hubby!) I wish I could go every week to have my back rubbed like that...
Jeff at our child birth class...demonstrating all that goes into getting an epideral

YAY for winning the loaded diaper bag!! The pictures of me sitting down are not flattering at all...but I was very proud of us for winning:)

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