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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Another year has passed and it is once again my birthday:) I was so blessed to have my parents come to visit this weekend to celebrate Easter and my birthday with us. They arrived on Good Friday and immediately started spoiling me. They showed up with a huge box with Lyla's name all over it:) The box contained about 8 packs of diapers, 2 adorable stuffed animals, 2 books, wipes, and 3 teething toys. I love seeing how excited they are about Lyla. We spent a good part of the weekend just cleaning up the nursery. Her crib won't be here until Monday, so it isn't quite as put together as I would like, but it is MUCH better than when they first got here.

We have a rocking chair that was given to his family by his grandparents and all 3 Graves boys were rocked in it when they were babies. Now I get to rock our precious baby in that same chair. I LOVE THAT! Dad and Jeff worked to sand it down and stain it so it will match her other furniture. It looks amazing!!!

We each took turns rocking in it...even Diggs got a turn!

Mom and Dad helped us so much. I hadn't really realized how much we needed them! It was such a blessing to have them come and be with us a a few days!
Of course, after we cleaned and worked on the nursery, Mom and I decided to get our nails done and then we all went out to eat!

They were able to stay with us through part of Easter Sunday and then they had to head back.  I'll be honest-I cried when they left. Sometimes (most of the time) it is so hard being away from our families. I truly cherrish every second we get to spend with them. I know that they will be back soon for Ms. Lyla's arrival, but it is never easy to say goodbye!

Monday was my actual birthday! Jeff and I started a tradition where we post signs around the house when it is the other's birthday. It is always fun to see what he comes up with. Here are a couple of the signs he made this year (ps. yes, that is really his handwriting-now you see why I don't ask him to help with thank you cards:))

He is so sweet though! He got me a full spa day (mani, pedi, full massage) and had doughnuts and coffee waiting for me that morning (he knows the way to my heart!)He also came up and surprised me at work with a cake. My 5th period class liked that, because he cut each of them a slice to enjoy while they worked. Later that night, he took me out to eat and took me to the shoe store (thanks to my wonderful father in law for the gift card!) :) Jeff is such a thoughtful husband and he really made my day special! He is going to be the best dadddy! He is already the best husband!
Thanks to all my friends who called, texted or wrote! You have no idea how much that meant to me. I miss you all so very much and seriously cannot wait to see many of you soon!!!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!!! Let's Meet up soon please!!!

  2. Happy 27th birthday, Jenny! I can't wait to see pictures of the nursery once it's all ready. We are getting so close to holding our little girls. I can't wait!!!