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Saturday, February 22, 2014

One month-can it really be????

Lord have mercy, time is FLYING with you! You turned one month on February 13th! Here's what you have been up to since we brought you home...

Once we got settled in, we gave you your first bath. You can tell by the picture, it wasn't your most favorite memory! You definitely have gotten used to them and bath times don't quite look like this anymore. Bathing a little boy is a different experience for us-you have "sprayed" us a few times so we have to be quick!

(this was right after your first bath-keep in mind I was VERY tired...but hey, just keeping things real!)

You are the sweetest baby! You LOVE to be held-just like your sister! I love that, though. I was hoping you would be a cuddle bug like her and so far it's looking good! It amuses me how similar you and Lyla are when it comes to some things. She used to only take her afternoon nap if I was holding her in our bed. You are the exact same way-and believe me, I have tried many things. But, you just want your mama in the afternoon. It's crazy because you will sleep anywhere any other time, but once Lyla is down for her nap, you want to cuddle with me. :) I really don't mind because that is a really sweet time for me to spend just focusing on YOU!

You have only been alive for one month and already you have seen your first snow. We brought you outside for about 5 seconds to capture the moment, then you had to go back inside (sorry!) It was just too cold for your little self. 

I have to be honest. I really didn't think dressing a boy would be as much fun as dressing a little girl. BOY, WAS I WRONG! I LOVE your little outfits. You are such a stud:) My favorite thing to put you in is a little hoodie (Just like daddy!)

I might be a tad obsessed with your feet. They are seriously the softest feet I have ever felt and I just love rubbing them when I hold you. Yes, this mama is weird, but I just love every little part of you and want to always remember these little things!

Many people have asked me how Lyla is adjusting to having a little brother, so these next few pictures are dedicated to that subject!
Lyla really loves having a baby in the house. She is such a great helper (sometimes TOO good of a helper when she is trying to jam the passi in poor brother's mouth) She also has a thing for touching his head. YIKES! But she is always very gentle. 
Layton, you are tough. She means well...and she really just loves you. 

I have no doubt you two will be the best of friends:)

She likes to be very involved when it comes to you. One of her favorite things is to all pile up in mommy and daddy's bed and watch The Little Mermaid while I am feeding you. 

Speaking of feeding you, you sure do like to eat! You have nursed very well ever since we were in the hosspital. You picked up on it right away. You usually take 5-6 oz every 3-4 hours. There have been SOME nights where you have slept 6 hours straight. WOOHOO! But usually you feed at 11pm, 3 am,  and between 6 and 7am. You are pretty consistent and we are on a very good schedule. But, hey, I'll take those 6 hours anytime you feel like sleeping a little more:)

You weigh 10 lbs and 6 ounces now. WHEW! Lyla didn't weight that much until she was several months old. But, like I said, you are a very good eater. It has made me sad, though, because you have already out grown your newborn clothes. Lyla wore hers for a while, so I guess it feels like things are just happening so fast with you. TIME, PLEASE SLOW DOWN! You mostly wear 0-3 month clothes, but can fit your 3-6 clothes. 

You have started smiling intentionally. I LOVE IT!!!!! Like I said, you've got this mama wrapped:)

We've had several visitors your first month of life. Aunt Goo got to be here for your one month birthday! She is so in love with you already (aren't we all!?)

You are a great baby. We have been so thankful you have been happy and healthy. While we were in the hospital, they suspected you might have a heart murmur like your daddy, but thankfully they results came back negative. You also had a clogged tear duct, but we are getting that fixed right up with daily ointment. You do like to spit up a bit, but we have gotten that under control as well, so we are still not convinced it's acid reflux. You are, however, quite gassy and really, that's about the only time you fuss. 

Layton, we love you so much!!! You are such a beautiful addition to our family. Boys are awesome-and you have already stolen my heart! 

Happy ONE month Baby Layton!!!! 

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  1. Sweet Little Buddy!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on him again!!