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Monday, February 17, 2014

Layton's birth story

This is the story of Layton. Seeing as he was one month old last week, I figured it's about time I sit down and get his birth story written down. It has become very hard to make time to do things like this now that we have two small ones, so sorry for the delay. But here we go. 

Since we had such a great experience with Lyla, we decided to try and schedule Layton's birth as well. We decided the week before, that we would go in the morning of January 13th at 5:00 and they would induce labor. Since things were a little different this time around, it was very important to me to have someone here for Lyla. Having things planned out allowed my parents to go ahead and come out here to be with her. SUCH A BLESSING! 

My parents got into town that Sunday before. We had Christmas together (since we weren't all together for the holidays) and just really enjoyed seeing one another again. We all said our good nights and tried to get some rest. My parents got back to our house around 4 am and that got things started. (the stayed with our pastor and his wife-HUGE thank you to them for letting them stay at their house all week! With the arrival of Layton, we lost our guest room, so it was so nice to have my parents close in town!)

It was quite different this time around. This time it was just Jeff and I headed to the hospital instead of having my mom in the room along with my dad and Jeff's mom in the waiting room. But some things still seemed the same. 
(left: right before having Lyla.  right: right before having Layton)

(left: checking in with Lyla.  right: checking in with Layton)
still bringing everything we own!

Jeff and I held hands the entire way to the hospital. For some reason, I was much more nervous this time around. I was so thankful to have his support even if we didn't say much on the way there. We checked in and got things rolling right at 5am. I am proud to announce that I did MUCH better this time with the hand IV. Last time around was quite tramatic. Things were off to a great start! 

Jeff and I were both EXHAUSTED! Neither of us got much sleep the night before, so we were more than happy to turn off the lights and TRY and get some rest before the main event. Those hospital couches are NOT comfortable and I can't say that the beds are any better, but we were both able to get a few hours in before the nurses came back. 

I remember my contractions coming a lot sooner this time around. Jeff was still snoozing and I woke him up (sorry!) so he could pull up a chair and sit next to me. I was thankful he was able to distract me for a while with his silly-ness and crazy jokes. At one point he had me laughing so hard, the monitor they use to track the baby's heart rate (and mine) fell off. Whoops. He was texting pictures of a baby that CLEARLY wasn't ours to our friends and telling them baby Layton had arrived. I was in stitches reading everyone's responses. Ridiculous, I know, but it keeps things interesting. 

A little while after that, Dr. Simon came in to check me and while she was doing so, my water broke. They noted it as a natural water break. I was thankful because I remember her breaking my water the last time and it wasn't pleasant.  

As we all know, once your water breaks, it gets very serious. My contractions picked up BIG time around noon and lasted for an hour and a half before I was able to get some medicine. Jeff made us a play list of praise and worship songs and we immediately put that to use. He held my hand the entire time and encouraged me through it all. He was GREAT! I tried to sing some of the songs to take my mind off of things. It was so neat to feel God's presence and the man he created for me in that moment. I really needed them both! My contractions were a lot stronger this time. Maybe I just forgot how bad it was with Lyla...?? 

My epideral arrived around 1:30. Thank you Lord!!! Jeff kneeled in front of me while they administered it. Epiderals are tough because you are still expereicning strong contractions and then you have to bend at the waist (where a lot of the pain is coming from) and let them stick you. But, relief is coming and that gets you through it! 

Once the epdieral was in, I could almost immediately feel the contractions easing up. One of our old students came in to visit right after that. I wish I could tell you how that visit went, but I was SO out of it. The epideral I had with Lyla did not affect me like this one did. I was very naseous and light headed. I am sure I was talking crazy to her and as soon as she left I threw up everywhere. Unfortunately, there wasn't much I could do to clean myself up because I was hooked up to so many machines. So, my hair that I had straightened went up in a pony tail, and my make up that I had tried to fix was wiped off. So much for framable pictures of those first few moments meeting my son. haha. But, hey, this is reality and sometimes it's just not pretty. 

After that, I slept on and off. My body was exhausted and needed rest before having to push. Epiderals slow things down a bit, so we knew it would be a little bit longer before we got to meet Layton. A little after 4:00pm the nurse announced that I had reached 10 cm and it was ok to push. They called my doctor and she was in route to get to the hospital. In the meantime, my nurse wanted me to go ahead and push. This made me a nervous wreck. I wanted my doctor there!!!  But I also wanted my baby to be safe, so I started pushing. Nothing was happening. I pushed for maybe 30 minutes with Lyla and the second child was supposed to slide right out..right? The nurse began alternating having me sit up for 20 minute increments and then push for 20 minutes. Still nothing. Honestly, I was still so out of it, in between pushing, I fell back asleep. 

Once my doctor got there, she wouldn't let me off so easy. She wanted this baby out did I! She decided it would be best to turn off the epideral so I could feel enough to push more effectively! (WHAT??!?)  Within a few pushes, Layton was out at 6:10 pm on January 13, 2014. And boy did he scream! One of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear! Although I felt some pressure while pushing, I could actually start to feel them sewing me up. (Lovely right!?) They gave me a shot of morphine down below to help numb that back up. That's all we will say about that experience:) Let's get back to that amazing baby!

My mom was the official photographer when I had Lyla so HUGE props to Jeff (and our nurses for some of them) for being there as my supporter AND capturing these breathtaking first pictures of our son! (there are more, but here are some of my favorites)

As soon as he was out, one my best friends here in Mississippi was waiting outside to love on us and our newest addition. She immediately took our order for some chili's take out and went and got us food. SUCH A BLESSING because mama was HUN-GRY!!!!

(told you I was out of it)

My parents were in Meridian when we called them to say all was well. They had taken Lyla to eat at chick-fil-a. People eating there overheard the conversation and saw Lyla's big sister shirt and immediately started congratulating her. So precious. My mom and dad brought Lyla straight to us. I was so grateful to them for doing everything they could to allow us the moments we wanted with her. 

These are the first pictures of us as a family of 4 along with Lyla, Gammie and Papa meeting Layton for the first time. 

Layton Wade Graves was born on January 13, 2014 at 6:10 pm. He weighed 7 lbs and 9 oz. and 20.5 inches long. 

My beautiful friend Katie came in the next day with Layton's door sign. She is so talented. Love her!!!!

Lyla got to come visit again that second day. It was really sweet, because my parents left for a little while to give the 4 of us some time to ourselves. Lyla was running crazy around the room. I think she was just a little bit excited. I was able to get a few pictures-but none like the ones you see on pinterest! Again, this is reality people! 


She loved holding her new brother (with help, of course!)

She also loved jumping on the hospital bed....

This precious baby brought me a flower (georgia bulldog colors!) Way to go Lyla:)

Some of our sweet visitors! So blessed to have such great friends! I forgot to take pictures of everyone. I am sorry:(

We got to go home Wednesday January 15, 2014. It was such a windy day so we had to be sure to bundle up baby Layton!

When we got home, big sister had helped make Layton some birthday cupcakes. We all gathered around and sang happy birthday dear Layton. Lyla got to blow out the candles.

A few weeks later Gigi got to come out to meet her new grandson! I think it's safe to say it was love at first sight:)

We can't wait for the rest of our families to meet him!!!

Layton, you are such a special addition to our family. We are so crazy about you already. Lyla loves having you as her brother. She is always trying to play with you and help with you. You are the sweetest baby. You love being held and you are a great eater. Your smile already melts my heart. We love you so much baby Layton!!!

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