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Monday, July 22, 2013

Lyla's 2nd Birthday

Our sweet girl turned 2 years old on July 6, 2013. (if you asked her how old she is, she will tell you she is 3...not exactly sure why, but we are working on being 2!) 

Our celebration with her always starts around the 4th of July, since she was so close to being our little Independence Day baby. We took her out to eat and then for frozen yogurt. Quitman always shoots off fireworks the night before, so we made sure we had seats for the "big event". 

She saw the fireworks last year, but really took them in this year. The lady sitting beside us even commented that Lyla hadn't blinked the entire time. She was surely amazed!

Of course, like any 2 year old-to-be, she had to put on her own show towards the end. Everyone loved it. 

We had Lyla's birthday party on her actual birthday this year. Since she loves Minnie Mouse,  (she pronounces it "Men-A Moose") that was the theme we went with!

I was so worried about the rain, because we had planned a "water day" for her and her friends. The Lord was faithful to keep it away for the entire day! It was a perfect day to celebrate!

These are some of the decorations and food:) We tried to have all of her favorites (hot dogs, cheese balls, fruit, CUPCAKES!) *special thanks to my cousin Amy for making Lyla's invitations, cupcake toppers, food signs, and thank you stickers! Also, Lyla had TWO cakes for her special day-thanks to our family friend Holly for making her second one:) Such a special surprise!

We set up the pool, slide, water table and sprinkler outside! Lyla loves the water, so we knew she would have a great time!

And lo' and behold, as soon as we let her go outside she jumped in the pool:) No matter that her friends hadn't arrived yet...the party was already started!

Once her friends got there, there was no stopping them! They all had a blast!

So many of her friends came, along with several of our students in our youth group. I hope she never doubts how loved she is!

She received many sweet gifts from all her friends-she has seriously played with every single one of them...looks like we will be giving away some old toys VERY soon!

It was the perfect day! We are so thankful to everyone who came and who continually show love to our little girl and to us. God has blessed us tremendously with awesome friends! I cannot believe it has been two years since we so nervously checked into the hospital not having a clue what to expect! We are so in love with this child that God has given us. She is truly a joy. She has the sweetest spirit and is always quick to make us laugh. She is very easy going and likes just about anything and anyone. We hope you had a great day, Lyla! We love you so much!!

Happy Birthday Lyla Rae!!!!

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