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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

16 Weeks with Baby #2

I did this the first go around with Lyla and I wanted to make sure I kept up with baby #2 as well. This is more for me to remember later, but please feel free to read if you are interested in how this pregnant mama is doing:)

Size of baby: Our baby is about the size of an avocado...still teeny tiny.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have actually not gained any weight. I do, however,  have a baby bump. I have been very sick again this pregnancy and so my appetite has been weird. What I have lost in some places, I guess I have gained in my's all even-ing out on the scale as of right now. 

Maternity Clothes: Finally broke down and bought some maternity pants. I never bought any pants with Lyla, but this baby is another story. I am going for comfort over style. But I will say, I found some pretty cute, stylish things at Target:) 

Gender:We don't know what the baby's gender is yet, but we are definitely going to find out! We will know August 19 if we will be team pink or team blue. 

Movement: Nothing yet. I cannot wait to feel that sweet movement. 

Sleep: My sleep is wonderful so far. I sleep through the night with the exception of have to use the bathroom several times. 

What I miss: ENERGY! This baby has drained this mama dry of energy! Could be because I am busy chasing a 2 year old around as well...a little different the second time around. You cannot rest just anytime you feel like it. 
Cravings: My cravings seriously change daily. My new "kick" is fried pickles. One thing that has been a constant is meat, cheese, fruit and yogurt. One day I could've killed for some cole slaw. The next day I wanted nothing to do with it. HA! The life of a pregnant woman!

Symptoms: Tired, nauseous, some acne

Best Moment This Week:  Last week I got to hear the heart beat again and it was very strong! LOVE hearing that sweet sound! My moments this week have been focused on the sweet gift I already have...LYLA! She is growing so much. She is doing great potty training and learning new things. She can sing songs (on key too) and count. She is so very smart! The things she remembers just astounds me. For example, we drove by pizza hut the other day and she started saying "mommy, pizza" I couldn't believe that she remembered that's where we get pizza. (We don't have it very often either) Just little things like that impresses me so much. She is also in love with the movie Dumbo. She loves watching the baby and the mommy. I have used this movie several times to explain to her that we will have a baby soon. I am not sure she understands, but it's fun to see how much she loves babies.

Well, I could go on and on. I am a proud mama...of both my babies:) They are so worth all the things pregnancy entails. It's easy to see that this go around. I know no matter how I feel or what I look like, I am going to be blessed beyond measure in just a few short months! 

ps. No pictures yet. I will work on that this weekend:)

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