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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Sometimes I get a little down about missing out on stuff back home. This past weekend, for example. My sister had her first wedding shower and our family had their Christmas party-and we weren't able to be there. While I am so thankful we get to visit as often as we do, I can't help but want more sometimes. Confession: I get kinda jealous over those people who live so close to their parents (who have free babysitting right at their finger tips-ha!) and can see their families whenever they want.

BUT, I have to remember why we are here! We moved here two and a half years ago and it is so amazing to see how much God is doing here in this little town of Quitman. One of the biggest blessings this year has been seeing what God is doing in the apartment complex of Quail Run. Can I share with you what GOD is doing?

  Every week, we get the privilege to take our students to this apartment complex called Quail Run. There we tell a story from the bible, sing songs, play games and have a snack. And every week, kids ranging from diapers to junior high show up to hear about Jesus. This past week was our last of the year and we wanted to do something special-We decided to bring a birthday cake for Jesus to have after we told the Christmas story and then we opened presents. (yes, presents! -each student in our youth group made one, two or some even three shoe boxes filled with toys, crayons, coloring books, pencils, stickers, etc) That seriously could have been my Christmas present right there-seeing those precious babies open what may be the only gift they get this season. The excitement in the room could not be matched. To see them get excited over candy,soap, and all the other things we packed in those boxes really is a testament to how unappreciative we all can be at times-always wanting BIGGER, BETTER...MORE! They were so satisfied and so excited over SIMPLE things! Things that we have everyday and take for granted. We didn't have to go overseas to find them-they live in our community.  We all know people who we can reach, but the question is will we? When I get down and out about not having the life I WANT, I have to remember, that God has called each of us to live OUTSIDE of our comfort. This life ISN'T ABOUT ME! IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM!

(Marsha Odom made the cake-you are just too good girl!)

I miss my family (more than they know) but THANK YOU JESUS for using us here.

"I have not been called to the wisdom of this world..
But to a God who's calling out to me..
And even though the world may think 
I'm losing touch with reality
It would be crazy 
To choose this world over eternity"
-Mercy Me

To my best friend who is a missionary in Africa
Lindsey, bare with my post. You and Nathan have sacrificed more than anyone I know. I know you don't judge me when I get sad about missing home, but I cannot help but think of you each and every time and the impact you are making for the kingdom. You miss holidays, you miss birthdays, you miss a lot more than I do. Thank you for what you do. I love you so!


  1. Such a great reminder this holiday season. Thank you for the work y'all are doing there. Many blessings to you.

  2. Continuing to pray for you and your family!! You will never know the impact you're making on the lives of those there!
    Thank you for all you are doing to reach others with the Word of the Lord!