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Thursday, December 15, 2011

5 Months

I am a little behind on my updates and blogging in general. A lot has been going on and we have been extra busy!

Last week, Lyla turned 5 months old. We actually went to her 4 month appointment ( a little late) last week. Lyla weighs 11 lbs. We have been a little concerned about her weight, but the doctor assured us that even though she is in the 5th percentile on her weight and height (her head was in like the 50th perentile-ha!) she is completely healthy! However, she advised us to up the dosage on her feeding, so we have added Gerber Gentle Ease to her diet along with me still nursing her. No solids yet except for the oatmeal cereal we add to her bottle occasionally. I was NOT happy about having to supplement, but if it means she will be more satisfied, then so be it:)
(Right after her 4 month shots)

Lyla is definitely showing her personality more everyday. One of the biggest changes this month is her need to put everything in her mouth. She can hold things now and thinks that if it's in her hand, it should be in her mouth. She has also gotten into a habit of grabbing and pulling. (people's hair, earrings, plants, Diggs' hair! You name it, if it is in her reach, she will grab and pull!

We still havent seen any teeth yet, but she still chomps on her little hands as if one will break through any day now.

Another big change this month is the adjustment from her newborn napper (basinet type bed) into her BIG GIRL crib! Some nights look like this:

Other nights look like this...

We are still adjusting. :)

She is definitely paying more attention to certain the television. -She loves Full House :)
Since Christmas is quickly approaching, she will actually sit in my lap and watch Christmas shows with me:) I love that!

Our little girl is such a blessing and couldn't be more perfect to us! 
Happy 5 months Lyla Rae! 

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