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Sunday, November 6, 2011


 Lyla is four months old today! A lot has been going on, but here are some things Lyla has been up to this month.

The day after her three month birthday, she rolled over (one way) for the first time. Jeff swears that she rolled over after she was only a few weeks old, but I never saw it. Tummy time has become harder because everytime we put her on her belly she rolls right over. :) Now, we just have to work on rolling over from her back to her tummy:)
She still hates tummy time (if you can't already tell that by the pictures!)

My brother in law came to visit us for a few days and brought a special friend for Lyla to play with. We named him Gappy because he's from The Gap. Lyla LOVES playing with Gappy! 

They are already sharing secrets!

Along with "Gappy", Lyla has taken an interest in a few of her other toys as well this month!

This may be due to her beginning the teething process, which makes her a little fussy sometimes. She does like to put things in her mouth to soothe that awful pain and most of the time, she is chewing away on those little fingers. 

She has just started taking a NUK paci, but only sometimes. She has never really liked the whole paci thing- I guess that's good because we won't have to ween her off of it one day.

At 4 months old Lyla....
Likes: Cooing and squealing. Listening to a book. Going for rides. Meal time. Being held. Being outside. Being tickled on her tummy. Silky blankets. Veggie Tales Worship CD. Diggs. 

Dislikes: Laying on her tummy. Being burped. Being changed. Afraid of the washing machine and my fuzzy hat (these are her only known fears at this point) 

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