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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Firsts on the first

It has been a few weeks since I last blogged, and quite a bit has been going on. So, in honor of November FIRST, here are a few FIRSTS to catch you up on our life this past month. 

Lyla rolled over (one way) for the FIRST time about a month ago. Here is a fun video of her in action:  

My brother in law Johnathon came to visit us a few weeks ago. He was doing an Amtrack tour across the country. We were his FIRST stop.  (we had the BEST time visiting with him!)

This was also Lyla's (and my) very FIRST time at a train station 

Also this month, baby Charlotte (who many of you have been praying for) got to come home! After having heart surgery at just a few weeks old, (2000 stitches around her heart alone!) she is doing fantastic! This was Lyla's FIRST time meeting baby Charlotte and our FIRST time getting to visit with them at home. God is so good!

To celebrate Halloween, Lyla got to pick out her very FIRST pumpkin at her FIRST trip to the pumpkin patch

*She was also the FIRST one to pitch a fit on the hay ride. No pictures for that one. 

This month, I have discovered a new love. Pinterest. I needed a quick treat for Jeff's men's group last night, so I made my FIRST pinterest creation. 

Last night, Lyla got to dress up for her FIRST Halloween. She went as a kitty cat. *She also went to her FIRST fall festival this weekend. 

It was also Diggs' FIRST year NOT going to the fall festival. Poor guy!

I also realized for the FIRST time this month, that Lyla does look a little bit like me. haha. 

Lyla Rae                                                Me

Happy November FIRST everyone!


  1. doesn't it feel like SOOOO much happens when you have kids!? it's non-stop! I am starting to think (three kids later!) that I need a camera and a journal with me at all times! ;) she is a cutie!

  2. What a fun post and a precious baby girl! It really is amazing how much and quickly they're changing, isn't it? Love you!!