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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hakunah Matata

It is no secret that one of Lyla's favorite movies is The Lion King. That girl could (and would) watch that movie everyday (twice a day) if we let her.  One of her most favorite parts is when they sing Hakunah Matata. She will get really loud and excited trying to sing along with the warthog and meerkat. You would never expect the Lord to show himself to you through something like this...

When Lyla was little (and even now at times-thank you Lord for grace) I would find myself stressing over a lot of things. A lot of LITTLE things. When she would spill or drop her cup, I would go nuts. If she made a mess, I was upset. If she took off her shoes, pulled her hair down, pooped in her diaper RIGHT as we were headed out the door...YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!

We can all relate. Children have a way with testing our patience. The sad part is, that most of the time, these things aren't done on purpose. How do I know that? Well, I have started watching Lyla very closely lately and I have noticed that she has started responding to things in the exact way I respond to things. For instance, when her cup slips out of her tiny little hands while she is eating, she will scream "Oh no" and get all upset about it. If one of her shoes comes off, you would think it is the end of the world. Get that thing back on RIGHT NOW! I started to realize that these things were stressful to her. And they didn't need to be. She didn't want these things to happen. They just happened. These were little, tiny, miniscule things. Nothing to get THAT upset about. So what if we have to clean up a spill. Who cares if we have to take an extra minute to put her shoes back on. There was NO reason to let it bother her the way it did or bother ME the way it did.

The Lord started speaking to me about the things I let bother me. Now, I am not suggesting that you allow your child to throw tantrums or delibertaley disobey-that is totally different. I am talking about the "accidents", the "mishaps", the things that aren't planned. Why do we let ourselves become to frustrated and consumed with the small stuff? Even the things that aren't even related to our kids-why do we let things worry us? It's amazing the patience God has given me when it comes to Lyla and just my family in general. Like I said before, it is only by His grace because I still make mistakes. But I am learning and He is leading.

We have developed the saying in our house "No worries..hakunah matata". Lyla can relate to that because she loves her movie. When I see her over-reacting about something small, I remind her "No worries, Lyla. No worries" It is such a great reminder to me too, especially in parenting. I overheard her telling the dog this morning "No worries, Diggs" so I know she is learning right along with her mama. The Lord does not want us to spend our days in frustration or anger or worry. We will not let Satan have his way in our house.

You made a HUGE mess at dinner? No worries. It IS a messy meal and you are still learning to use a fork.

You are not a morning person? Ok, No worries. Your daddy isn't a morning person either. 

You want to stick the freshly clean dishes in your mouth? No worries. I need to teach you we can't do that. You do not understand that these are not to go in your mouth. 

You want to run around in the buff? Ok, No worries. Every once in a while it's ok-as long as we are at home. LOL

" I will keep my eyes always on the Lord. With Him at my right hand, I will NOT be shaken." Psalm16:8

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