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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter.
We wanted to share with you how we celebrated with our family and friends this year.

Our celebration started on Thursday-with my three little ones. We started off making resurrection rolls. I found the recipe on Pinterest and was able to tell the kids all about Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead while we baked them.

They were such great helpers. 

Lyla and Easton were so faithful to wait by the stove until they were finished. 

 After their nap, we had a party...complete with our rolls, cookies, cupcakes and chips (everyone's favorites!)

Afterwards we colored and painted and then they all crashed on their little couch. 

My parents got here Friday. We were so excited to have them for Easter. They were such a big help getting things ready for our big egg hunt saturday!

 Saturday, we invited Lyla's friends over for some treats and an egg hunt. I think everyone had a great time:)

She cracked me up opening up each egg one at a time to get the candy out first!

Easter morning, the Easter bunny came...

 We had such a great weekend with my is always so wonderful to have them here. 

Since Addi and her family were there this morning, we decided to recreate our pictures from last year...crazy how much they have changed in just one year. 

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. The candy and activities are fun, but remember today we celebrate our risen savior. So thankful that He loved me enough to die for me-He loved you enough to die for you matter what you have done, or where you have been, He loves you!!! Happy Easter everyone!!!!

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